You can’t do it wrong. You can’t do it All.

You are a timeless Soul having a Human experience.

Are you deserving of all that you can imagine for yourself? Are you worthy? Or did you do something in your past that makes you unqualified? God knows the answer. Does your ego?

If we were to disqualify ourselves any time we “messed up,” nobody but nobody would make it out unscathed. Lucky for us we get to make mistakes. It is part of our Soul’s journey.

But Les, if you really knew what I have done … well …

OK, let’s list some of the top seemingly unforgivable things that might get in our way. So, say you were Hitler. Just for some perspective. Under your directive, you massacred millions. Does God hate you now? Nope. How about Ivan the Terrible? God just has to hate HIM! Nope. Wait … what? No matter what “bad” we do, we are still in favor with God? Who’s side is God on anyway? How can God favor the most evil of evils?

In the beginning was the Light. No-thing existed at all. No nouns, verbs or the like. No villains or victims. No karma or sin. No-thing.

Then along came the Word. Thought perhaps. Along came thought. And form was created. Through the intentions of thought.

In the first several billions of years of creation, I am speculating, there was no significant sin or sorrow. No pain or suffering. And we loaded up our psyches with more and more karma. Taking us collectively deeper into the darkness. As we metaphorically descended deeper and deeper into the darkness, we grew a deeper understanding of what is possible. As we endured each particular layer of darkness, we became more skilled at navigating our way through the lessons each layer of darkness presented to us. Just as a calm sea has never taught any sailors how to really be a skilled sailor, storms are critical to really master the art of sailing. So too, the karmic tsunamis are critical for Souls who really want to master the art of BEing a human.

There are no Heroes without Villains.

Have you had people in your life that really challenged you? That really brought you intense grief and perhaps suffering? What did you learn from that experience? Are you “tougher” for it? So many spiritual teachers have something to teach because of the storms they have been through. Those “horrible” teachers, Hitler, Ivan and the like, took the role of being our “villains” or teachers. Creating karmic storms that our Soul consciously chose for us to experience. We are living in such a karmic storm right now. And here you are. There are horrible things happening on this planet right now. And here you are. What an opportunity. If there were no storms, there would be no skilled sailors.

You are a badass Soul. You chose to come here now to test yourself. I can hear (some of) your ego(s) saying No!!!! Enough! Stop this madness! What the hell was my Soul thinking?

Nobody has ever died on this planet. Wait a minute … What? That’s BS Les. OK, let me say it this way, no SOUL has ever died on this planet. You were a Soul before you were born. As you carefully investigated the best scenario that you would be born into, to learn the lessons that your Soul intended for you to learn. You chose this life. This planet. This scenario. And your Soul (obviously) chose this life you are living right now. Everything is perfect. You, your Soul essence, cannot die. Your Soul was present the day you were born, but your ego was not. Your ego, perhaps, is the one that thinks that you haven’t been “good enough” your whole life, or lives. You might have memories, buried in your subconscious, where you were the villain. Where you were the dispenser of suffering. Where you were the killer. It is quite common on this planet for us to have subconscious feelings of shame, guilt and blame. Where we did things that were just too horrible for us to forgive ourselves. But God, with a big ‘G’, has never held anything but Unconditional Love for you. There is no judgment from God, the big guy. You are “forgiven.”

Have you forgiven yourself? Really forgiven yourself? You do deserve that. It was always in the Divine potentials for us to go so far into the darkness. So far into the suffering. So far into the storm. The experiences your Soul has learned over the many lifetimes that you have lived, makes you a very advanced Soul, a very skilled sailor. Damn, what an accomplishment! Bravo to YOU! This level of Soul development could not have happened in a calmer storm. You needed this tough environment to grow yourself even more.

You have never fallen out of favor with God. You are innocent in God’s eyes. Are you innocent in your own eyes?

Love You!



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