You can’t do it wrong. You can’t do it All. You are a timeless Soul having a Human experience. Are you deserving of all that you can imagine for yourself? Are you worthy? Or did you do something in your past that makes you unqualified? God knows the answer. Does your ego? If we were to disqualify ourselves any time we “messed up,” nobody but nobody would make it out unscathed. Lucky for us we get to make mistakes. It is part of our Soul’s journey. But Les, if you really knew what I have done … well … OK, let’s list some of the top seemingly unforgivable things that might get in our way. So, say you were Hitler. Just for some perspective. Under your directive, you massacred millions. Does God hate you now? Nope. How about Ivan the Terrible? God just has to hate HIM! Nope. Wait ……