Are you on the Right side of Wrong?

Where has your past taken you?

It can seem like we have gone through the proverbial ringer. Many of us have had a “villain” in our life. Someone who has seemingly had a quest to give us grief. It really is/was personal … or is/was it?

The “villain” is perhaps one who has taken on a huge amount of karma. Perhaps your own “personal” villain(s) have much more karma in their psyche than you do. I would not be surprised if you all shared your journey with me, that you would tell me of some pretty terrible trainwrecks in your lives. I know I have had my share. Even though I have been consciously on my spiritual journey for over 25 years, I have had some pretty intense events in my life, in just the past few years. My attitude towards these “difficult” times has changed.

I have been fascinated by the human psyche all of my life. I remember driving the hour and a half to the airport, right after I got my driver’s license at the age of 16. I would just sit and watch the people come and go. I would watch them get off the planes and be greeted by loved ones. Or the loners who were by themselves going about their journey. Little did I know then that the human psyche, as a point of immense interest, would bring me to writing blogs and hosting podcasts about the evolvement of human consciousness, but here I am.

The karma in our psyche is finite. It is not bottomless. We have accumulated karma, perhaps over many lifetimes. It can still be a substantial amount to work through. To work through. Through. The journey back to Source Consciousness is to work through our own karma. That “working through” gets easier. As you evolve your consciousness, you eventually see just how impersonal it all really is. But wait, impersonal? Those villains in my life had a personal vendetta or whatever towards me.

There is all flavor of “evil” on this planet. Are all, ALL, manner of evil(s) in your life personally now? Are you part of the mob/organized crime? Are you also involved in human trafficking? Are you also part of a corrupt religion, government or other forms? Probably not. Because you are not in resonance with them all, they are not all in your life. In other words, when you do have villains in your life, it is because you have a resonance with those particular “villain” experiences. You are in resonance with whatever the struggle is you are experiencing. You have that resonance within you because of your karmic journey up to that point. We do not experience anything that we are not in resonance with. There is Unconditional Love at your core. Has your ego experienced this? Perhaps not. Because it is not in resonance with it. Sure, you can have an isolated experience or two with that Light at your core. But for it to part of your everyday experience, you would need to come into resonance with it. For myself, that is perhaps my prime focus of my life. To have the whole of my being be in resonance with the Unconditional Love at my core. I am not (all the way) there … yet.

I have shared many times how anger was a core trainwreck in my life, even though I was not conscious of it dominating my life for decades. Before I got cracked open, anger decided a lot of what happened in my life. I had a very deep resonance with anger, and I didn’t even consciously know it. And karma, being the perfect mechanism, attracted to me my teachers. Angry people in my life, as a mirror of my own anger. Although anger was playing out in perhaps all of my relationships at one level or another, it was my boss that was, perhaps, my prime teacher about anger. He would stir up my anger every day I went into work. He was my villain. To get through the anger and learn the lessons behind anger, I had to feel it. I had to resolve my posture with it. To get on the right side of this “wrong” in my life, I had to go through it. Through the karmic lessons. Whatever we are attracting into our lives, those experiences are our own set of karmic lessons for us to learn. To master. And we do that by healing our posture with it. So does that mean I have to allow my anger to express itself? Yes. At first it can feel as if you will lose it all if you let go. I am not suggesting you just let loose all your anger at once. We do live in a society where if you were to let loose of a lot of anger in public, you just might go to jail. Reality bites ;- )

Once I released the lion’s share of the anger in my psyche, my teachers, like my boss, no longer sought to interact with me using anger. It was like they were engaged with me, because I was in resonance with their karmic stigmas. Anyone in your life that can push your buttons, they are there because you have some resonance with them. They are your karmic teachers. To set yourself free, clean out your karma, and you will no longer resonate with them. The lesson itself.

If I were to label my deep posture with anger as “wrong,” and now today, anger is a very respected useful part of my life… well, you might say I got on the “right” side of wrong. I did this by going through my anger. The first few times I (finally) let some of my anger out, it was very intense. I had not previously allowed my anger out. That is why I had so much. The first few times I allowed my anger out, it was a very intense thing. My ego didn’t know how it would go. All of my fears around anger came to the surface. I did this at home. A curious thing happened. It was like my ego had been totally avoiding anger, at all cost, because of a fear of my anger. But once I let it out a few times, I, for the first time in my life, got familiar with what it felt like. Since my anger had not been provoked by someone, I didn’t have an overwhelming reaction to it. After I allowed it out a bit, I got familiar with it. I could let some out, and I knew I would not fall apart. After getting more comfortable with the feeling of anger, I could “visit” the unresolved anger in my psyche more often. Today, I value the emotion of anger. When I feel anger come up, I pause and ask myself, how am I not respecting myself? My anger is showing me how I am out of alignment with myself. And in the very same event, anger has this intense and powerful energy that I can use to resolve my incongruency. My anger is showing me, here is the “problem” and here is some powerful energy to help you get it resolved. In a graceful way of course. We only lose it with our anger, or any other emotion, when we have a dysfunctional relationship with it.

The villains are such, because they have their own karmic stigmas within them. It is common that the villains have the lion’s share of karmic stigmas. The souls that take on the villain role(s) often have agreed to take on the deepest scars within their psyche. To be a villain, you have to lose all sense of self, and make everything about what is happening outside of yourself, completely disconnected from a healthy relationship with their emotions. Where they have decided to posture with it all. Where they manage the outside world, to keep their karmic postures protected. They are manipulating the outside world, including you, to keep their “world” manageable. Now that is some serious karma.

Are you on the right side of your “wrongs” (karmic lessons)? In other words, are there some emotions that always send you tumbling into a dysfunctional reactive pattern? Has a “villain” pushed your buttons once again? Be glad there is a villain in your life to show you your incongruencies. That villain is showing you where you haven’t resolved the energy within you that attracted the villain to you in the first place. Our villains are impersonal. Once we heal our karmic energies within us, the villains no longer have dominion over how we feel about ourselves. Set yourself free by going through your karmic posturing. The karma you have to resolve within your own psyche is a finite amount of karma you have accumulated over your soul’s journey. Thank the villains for showing you where you need to heal.

The freedom you experience, when you do this, is superb!

“Our enemies are our greatest teachers.”
~ Dalai Lama

Love You



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