Are you In JOY when you think about your Dreams?

Let Joy be your rudder …

What metaphorical “irons in the fire” do you have? What are you working towards? What are you intending to happen in your life?

Les, I’m retired, I’m too busy, I can’t, I have too many demands on my life already.

OK, sure. If you say so. It is not for me to judge your choices. Please do whatever you want.

But you can judge your choices. Not in a critical way but rather in a bigger picture sort of way. Your Soul came here with a big picture in mind for your life. For myself, I never weighed my life against anything. And sure, that is certainly an option for us all. Live and let live.

But once I got cracked open, a curious thing happened. I started getting NEW inspirations. Write a book. Start a podcast. Learn FPGA programming.

Again, these things were not even on my radar. Before I got cracked open, I had a single sort of narrative playing out. I am a Broadcast Television Engineer. That (singular) is who I am. “Oh hell no,” said my Soul. Well, I don’t remember my Soul actually saying that. In that way. But in hindsight it has said something to that effect. Les, you can be so much more than how you see yourself now. That is the idea I get when I look back at my life after I got cracked open. A curious part in all of this is that I don’t know. I don’t know what else my Soul will come up with. I don’t know in what direction(s) my life will go in the future. I don’t want a singular sense of my future. I don’t want to think that I (my ego) knows what my life will become. But I do want to be sure to participate in my life. To participate in the life my Soul has in mind for me.

Our Soul knows about next week, next month, next year. What you are doing now might not fit the future. It is easy to see how life has changed. Dramatically changed. The normal life of 2019 is gone. Many, many industries are having to completely redefine themselves. Some industries have collapsed upon themselves. Kind of like the typewriter repairman. Do you know the change(s) that are coming? Is there a path through it all? Well, Yes. Every time yes. If we can listen. Our Heart and Soul know about this next chapter of our human story. We even have a role in it. A part in it.

These are very powerful times. The “normal” we were living in 2019 was decades old. In general, 2019 was very similar to the previous years. Not too much different. Not that much change. And then Bam! 2020 rolls out. And now change is the norm. Big change is the norm. We haven’t settled back down to the old-school type of norm where a “single” type of norm repeats itself year after year.

Are you In JOY with your Dreams? Joy. Joy is the sign that you are in step with your Heart and Soul. But to our ego, the idea of change doesn’t always elicit a sense of Joy. Les, write a book. “Bite me.” I don’t want to. The thought of writing a book is like, ugh. Who am I to be a writer? I’m a TV engineer. Write a book. “Please.” Like I have something to write about. Like there is someone who wants to read what I write, right?

Our ego can talk us out of so much.

Yet, here I am. Writing. Writing this blog. Sharing my thoughts.

Writing brings me joy. But it wasn’t always that way. I couldn’t see the Joy behind writing. I could only see reasons why writing was a “bad” idea. I couldn’t see who I would become. Who I would evolve into. Who I have become. Little did I know I wanted more “irons in the fire.” Not anything that wasn’t part of my lifepath. In other words, I am not adding irons to my metaphorical fire, just to be more busy. But rather, to give my Soul some leeway. Some leverage. Some say in my every day. Before I got cracked open, my ego had its (singular) narrative. A single iron in the fire. And I thought, that’s “correct.” I thought that was who I was. An ego with its sense of self. With its (singular) purpose.

Perhaps stand down a bit. Perhaps relax your idea of who you are. Perhaps let go of who you think you are.

Open up to new ideas and  inspirations for your life. Tune in and listen. Allow your inspirations to give you new ideas of who you are. You might EnJOY your life more if you allow change to happen to You.

Love You!



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