It is important to do it right. Right?

Who wants to be wrong?

We want, I suppose, that we want to be “good” people. Right? I mean Bad is … well, Bad. If we are to evolve ourselves spiritually, it is important to do things right. Is that right? Who gets to decide what is the right right?

Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love.

So, in the beginning, there was Light. LIGHT. The only thing in existence is Light. (Technically it doesn’t “exist,” but that’s another story.) If the only thing that “exists” is Light, well, stop right there. Heaven itself. Ladies and gentlemen we have Heaven. Completely and totally Heaven. Perfect … right? Who the hell would want to leave “Heaven?” Well, God would, and did.

Did God screw it all up? I mean HEAVEN damn it! Don’t mess with it if it is perfectly right?

I guess God sucks at leaving perfection alone. Can we blame God for this karmic tsunami we are all living in? I mean, we can trace it all back to when God decided to “leave Heaven.”

So, what do your peers think of you? Do they think you are righteous? Not doing anything wrong? I mean, we want to be found in good favor. Right? Wait just a minute here. God left Heaven. If God can screw up perfection, and still be God, what the hell are we worried about? Is your house clean? Are you careful to never swear? Do you always show good manners? Are there no wrinkles in your clothes? Who are you being good for? Are you wanting to be found in good favor from God? Or perhaps your peers? For what? So they think a particular way about you? So they think the “right” way about you? Who the hell are you coddling?

Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of God.

You can’t do it wrong. You can’t. Is that right? We are living on a planet that is so far immersed in the shadow. The pain and suffering on this planet is extreme. We traffic humans. We even sell our children on the black market. And it gets worse. WTF!? If that isn’t hell, I don’t know what is. Have we, the people, screwed up? Have we lost favor with God? I mean, we could blame God for starting this mess. Right?

Does God know a good lawyer?

Sure, you could say many things are wrong. Murder. Torture. War. Tofu. Right? Right? We have fierce free will. Very fierce free will. We have built out a nuclear arsenal that can end all of life on this planet, and God didn’t stop us from doing this. Is God a slacker? Well, no. Just as God did not screw things up when he added choice to Heaven. When we, the people, were given fierce freedom of choice. To express as we so choose. Just as God is in the right for creating the ability to choose the “wrong.” We came here for the experience. That original idea of heaven didn’t have anything to learn. Didn’t have anything to experience. Didn’t have any opportunity to really know ourselves. God gave us the ability to get it wrong. Over and over again. And yet, still be found in “favor” with God.

What I am saying here is that you are innocent in the eyes of God. Innocent? But I … “insert bad thing(s) here.” Yes, you did. All those “bad” things you have done, are OK. You are innocent. God knows that we can choose to go further into the darkness. And that indeed we have. But it was to know ourselves at a deeper level. You can know yourself at a deeper level in this lifetime by finding the LIGHT within you now. If you can incarnate into this collective narrative, with all of your “faults” and still find the LOVE within you now, well, you are a galactic ROCKSTAR. You never would have had a chance to accomplish such a wonderful thing, had God not decided to go into the darkness. God decided to go into duality for the experience. All of it. All of what might be possible. For the experience. You are the vehicle of how God experiences the shadow and the LIGHT. You haven’t done the shadow wrong. There is no wrong in the shadow. Both Light and Shadow are the intentions of God. All things return to God. All duality will eventually return back into unity until there is only Light once again. Then, there will be no chocolate ice cream. Now that is a real tragedy.

Love You. God Does.



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