What makes You Happy?

Happy is … what Happy does

When was the last time you had a deep belly laugh? What are some activities that you really enjoy?

How well do you know yourself?

Happiness has no requirements of its own. If you are to put requirements on your happiness, you are limiting your happiness.

I will be happy when … I get a job, get married (again), lose some weight, pay off my loan.

Happiness doesn’t need any of that. None. Zippo. Nada.

You are an eternal Soul having a human experience. Your ego can’t break that. No matter what. You are safe. The Truth of you is untouchable by human intentions. We all have an inner child. We all have a desire to have some fun. OK, perhaps we buried that desire to have some fun. Perhaps a metaphorical storm came through our life a while back, and we just haven’t found the spring in our step. Sorrow and grief can take its toll. Pain and heartache can leave their mark.

Do you know what makes you Happy?

Puppies and children are masters of happiness. Have you seen a picture of a child in a third-world country, with nothing but a stick? But yet, a big-ass smile on their face? No smart phone, no internet, no online shopping, no social media. Just a smile for a smile’s sake.

See if you can elevate your own happiness. Keep a sharp eye out for things that you see that bring a smile to your face. You deserve to be Happy. It is a birthright.

Love You!



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