Your Freedom is very Important to your “Salvation”

Untether Your Potentials …

So you are on your Spiritual Journey, eh?

Where will that take you? Who will you be when you arrive? There is this “you” reading this now. And there is the “prize” you. The you whom you become after your spiritual journey. And what is the difference between those two (of you)?

We accumulate karma over many lifetimes. It takes a long time to load up a human psyche. Sure, horrific events, such as fighting in a war, or being a victim of brutality, can load up a lot of karma in our psyche in a single lifetime. But overall, the human psyche can hold a lot of karma. And here we are. For myself, I have been scrubbing my psyche for 25+ years now. And I Love Love Love how my life keeps elevating itself. Even after several decades, I still make significant progress cleaning out the “junk in my trunk” (karma).

Just the last few years have opened up more of my True Self in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. A key factor to that is the idea of freedom. Freedom. To weigh things based on how they tax your freedom. When you bump up against something, you can weigh it. Does this honor my freedom or does it tax my freedom?

Your ego wants to be involved in your life. I know that is such an understatement. Most egos are the only rodeo in town. Where people spend 100% of their day living in their egos. But there is a ratio of sorts. The percentage of your thoughts, during your day, that are either thoughts from your ego, or those from your heart and soul. Well, why not both? Is that even possible? Could your ego’s thoughts be in alignment with the thoughts of your heart and soul? I suggest, Yes! But just how do we get there?

Freedom. The heart and soul want freedom. Freedom in the moment. No attachment(s) in the moment.

Wait … what? No attachments?

What about family, job, sex and chocolate?

Sure, they remain important. But your ATTACHMENT to it unfolding in a particular way binds the soul. Your ego can’t even comprehend the vision of your soul. It can’t. Your soul is non-linear and your ego is linear. To let go of how it turns out is the key to freedom of your soul.

As you go about your day, weigh new things to see if they tether your freedom or they keep you free. I know it can sound like you are no longer caring. It’s not like that. You are a timeless soul, having a human experience. You soul is the one to decide the importance of things unfolding in particular ways. Of course, this is not required. So many egos have a white-knuckle grasp on “reality” and won’t let go at all. They are the farthest from truly free. Trust. Surrender. Love.

Love You!



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