Confusion is a Normal part of Living

We do not change in a flash

Have you ever been confused? Not sure of what you believe? Perfect.

When we go through change, with anything significant, we don’t do it in an instant. At least not when it comes to what we believe. There is a natural back and forth.

Sure, you can change quickly. I want vanilla ice cream … no, wait! I want chocolate.

But when we look at changing our opinions, beliefs and attitudes, as it relates to major issues, we typically go back and forth for a while. This in-be-tween state is often called confusion. If you were to change something of significance in your life, say for example, your religion, you might go back and forth for many months. The idea that confusion is a bad thing is not accurate. We do not change such things in an instant. Even if we seem to make the (final) decision in an instant, it took us a while to get to that pivot point.

We are “confused” when we are weighing two different perspectives simultaneously. If you have believed something for a long time, and evidence arises that might challenge your established beliefs, it takes some time to weigh the new material(s) as it relates to your established beliefs.

I am not discounting more severe cases of confusion, perhaps mental disorders, where one is constantly confused regardless.

What I am talking about is everyday life.

I’m not sure. I don’t know for sure. I can’t tell yet. I can’t make up my mind. I am confused.

These are not bad things.

There is going to be a lot of new information coming out. A lot of information that will be totally contrary to what we have been taught and told. At first, it might seem a little crazy. Hard to believe. The proverbial veil(s) will be lifted. We have been living in an information tug-of-war, really. I say this from the perspective of working in the mainstream media for decades. What you, as the public, have been taught and told has been managed and manipulated for decades or more. There have been narratives that have been re-enforced across many media platforms for some time now. Keeping the masses in a “controlled” narrative. And that “bubble” is about to burst.

I am not telling you what to believe. That is not my place. Ever.  Believe whatever you want. Forever.

All I am saying is if you find yourself feeling more and more confused, that typically means you are in between beliefs. You are “traversing” beliefs within yourself. Many people will not want to know what is behind the proverbial veil(s). Many people will avoid anything that doesn’t re-enforce their established beliefs. Those who look at what is being revealed, and can discern the truth, or lack of truth, will be those who are the first to anchor that “new to us” truth into the collective consciousness. Those people will be priceless to the new narrative(s).

What do you believe?

Love You!



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