freeing your soul


Your Freedom is very Important to your “Salvation” Untether Your Potentials … So you are on your Spiritual Journey, eh? Where will that take you? Who will you be when you arrive? There is this “you” reading this now. And there is the “prize” you. The you whom you become after your spiritual journey. And what is the difference between those two (of you)? We accumulate karma over many lifetimes. It takes a long time to load up a human psyche. Sure, horrific events, such as fighting in a war, or being a victim of brutality, can load up a lot of karma in our psyche in a single lifetime. But overall, the human psyche can hold a lot of karma. And here we are. For myself, I have been scrubbing my psyche for 25+ years now. And I Love Love Love how my life keeps elevating itself. Even after…