accumulating karmic energy


Feel the Rain From a drizzle to a downpour Have you ever been caught in the rain? I mean really drenched? Oh what a feeling! Have you ever been devastated by your emotions and feelings? Brought to your knees? Wiped out? If you don’t feel your feelings, when they are (rather) mild, like a drizzle, you will feel them later like a torrential downpour. We get ourselves stuck with our feelings and emotions when we start to posture with them. When we start to suppress them. When we start to avoid them. But perhaps the biggest karmic influence our emotions can have, is when we don’t even know the (subconscious) posture we have with them. Then we tend to accumulate more and more karmic energy within us. We tend to collapse our lives into deeper and deeper troughs of preferences. Avoiding whole arenas of options, choices, and thus outcomes. Collapsing…