The Cadence of Your Spiritual Journey

Motion brings Information

Are the winds of changing blowing … you around?

Do you feel like the trajectory of your life is changing? Time to adjust the sails?

My guess is that many of us have a new direction being birthed within us. A new chapter of our life story. And for many of us we might be saying … What? You want me to do what? A response when our heart and soul give us perhaps a completely new direction for our life.

We might be eternally stuck, in a white-picket-fence narrative, if we let our ego make ALL of the choices. Egos like predictability. Egos like smooth sailing.

Perhaps your heart and soul are nudging you in a new direction. And your ego just doesn’t feel that confident stepping into your new role. Understood. But, and it can be a big but(t), if you don’t create motion, you can’t really feel more comfortable. Perhaps you are feeling the nudge to learn, and thus, offer something like Reiki (a form of energy work), yet your ego isn’t even sure if it is a real legit thing. Or perhaps you are being nudged to write a book, and you feel like you don’t have enough to say/write.

Take the first step(s).

Motion brings information. You can’t get more intuitive (metaphorically) standing still. In other words, you can’t grow your intuition and understanding of something if you are not engaged (in motion) with it. If you were to start writing … then … then you could find a river of inspiration within that intention. Oftentimes, when I start writing this weekly blog … I look for a topic. Crickets. Nothing comes to mind. Time passes. More crickets. And then … sometimes a most vague topic comes to mind. What am I going to write about THAT?

… and then I start writing the blog. And soon I am typing away on the keyboard. I have found that stream of IN-spiration.

Sometimes we never grow our subtle inspirations. We have the inspiration, but we don’t do anything with it. Our ego just sees it as a passing thought.

One thing you can do to get clarity about a subtle inspiration is to journal about it. Once you start writing down your thoughts about the subtle inspirations you are having, you can find more inspiration to build on the idea.

Your life purpose might be changing. For myself, my life purpose seems to be an ever-expanding story. Like the more I show up for it, the more it expands. It is as if the vision your soul has for what your life might be, is much vaster than your ego can even imagine. But if your ego doesn’t want to even take the next step, you can’t learn about it. You can’t get more intuitive about it.

The more you show up for yourself, the more opportunities your heart and soul have to guide you. And thus your cadence quickens. With that quickening, your life gets more dynamic through your everyday living. Where you are feeling the breeze of change, and you are OK with it.

Nobody else on the planet qualifies for Your Life Purpose. It was handpicked … just for You. Show up for it!

Love You!



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