Moving through Your Karma

Karma, like gravity, is impersonal

Karma is a curious thing. If we were to try to pin down just what karma is, we might take a look at the mind/ego, and its relationship with emotions. Certainly this is not the totality of how we experience karma, but I would say this is the lion’s share.

So many people go through their life and never consider what they are doing, karmically. We can take on habits, often at a very early age, that sets us up for accumulating more and more karma as we go through our life. Patterns that we often pick up from our parents. For myself, I had a very strong habit of avoiding the emotion of anger. So I would subconsciously avoid it at all cost. I believe my health would be considerably worse had I not connected with my subconscious anger, and finally got around to releasing and expressing it. Before I got cracked open, I was starting to get ulcers and had digestive tract problems for decades. That all went away when I healed my relationship with anger.

We can talk about karma, as if it is a relatively simple mechanism. But once we have accumulated many lifetimes of karma, the path out of karma becomes a much longer road.

Nowhere in the history of history has any savior erased all of someone’s karma in one action. Never. Frankly, our ego could not make the shift, where we would be able to sustain such an action. In other words, the nature of the demeanor of our ego typically takes quite a period of time to bring the whole of our belief systems around. Our ego is fond of patterns and the seeming security it seems to bring.

To heal our accumulated karma is more of a shift in attitude that we apply for the rest of our lives. A good start is to see everything about your life, about your experiences, as being self-created. Something that you alone have created. This is sometimes difficult to understand. We might see a pattern in our life-experience, and think it is not created by ourselves. I get that. But until you have experience shedding a substantial about of subconscious emotional energy, and likewise clear out a substantial amount of incongruent beliefs from your mind, you would not see the consequence. You would not see how significant such things sculpt how we experience life.

We accumulate our karma over lifetimes. Many lifetimes. To incarnate into such a challenging world as this one, we have all loaded up our psyches to match the lessons that this lifetime has put before us. And likewise, the journey out of our karma isn’t going to happen overnight. We can learn how to get good at releasing our karma. Then, in a single lifetime, we can make a significant dent in the volume of karma we have loaded up in our psyche. The basis of my lifework. I am totally fascinated by the mechanics of karma.

Meditation is a powerful tool to bring the mind about. And healing your relationship with your feelings is another key aspect of getting good at releasing your karma.

We could talk a very long time about just those two.

Got Karma?

Love You!



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