If Consciousness were Your Currency

Where are you “spending” your thoughts?

Our ego requires linear thinking. Our ego processes symbols. Our ego assigns “value” to these symbols. The symbols that are not the actual thing. Symbols are a marker or reference to something … else.

Your heart and soul don’t require symbols. They are a non-linear based intelligence.

Yet, for so many of us, we “spend” most or all of our time immersed in linear thinking. In our minds. Life in the Fast Brain.

The snag is … the ego wants the meaning of the past, to be used to interpret the “new” reality being born in each moment. In other words, the world you “see” now is interpreted by the symbols, and thus the values, of the past.

So, if a magic spaceship arrived, and took you on a journey through time, into the future, what could you “see?” Perhaps you travel to a time when Heaven has returned to Earth. Where there was no money. There was no separation. No posturing. Where the many hearts of all were in alignment with themselves. Where you felt the needs. You felt the conditions. You felt your place and purpose. If we were looking through our two eyes, and interpreting the scene via the linear thinking of our ego, we couldn’t (really) understand what was going on. Yet we would (metaphorically) be in Heaven.

Heaven is here now. Both Heaven and Hell will be experienced … today. This day.

Humanity is hungry for a more authentic story. A more supportive and sustaining narrative for humanity. Yet, that narrative has not been created … yet. If we let our linear minds decide what we are to create, day by day, the pathway to Heaven becomes a lot longer. The journey to “Heaven” is about two feet. In other words, if we were to shift our consciousness down, about two feet, we could live our lives within our heart. But the ego doesn’t know how to process intelligence from that perspective. Symbols are counterproductive to an open heart. To collapse a non-linear realm into symbols for interpretation, is to lose the value of the non-linear realm(s). Yet, our hearts could make the journey to Heaven much faster and much easier.

To teach our ego the value of letting go can be a real challenge. Especially if we have been hurt. Where the mind/ego has memories of crashing and burning (metaphorically). The ego doesn’t want to let go. It doesn’t want to lose control. It wants all the choices to be weighed by the assigned values of all the symbols it is interpreting. Thereby setting the cadence, actually keeping the cadence, to straight and slow.

The heart has a wisdom all its own. Unmatched by the ego, even on its very best day.

The best path forward … is actually “down” (into our hearts).

There is endless Love being exchanged all the time. Like when you pet a puppy. No symbols on the puppy’s part. Just Love.

Be like a puppy, at least a few times a day. You will start to see the wisdom of your heart … awaiting your currency (attention).

Love You!


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