releasing painful memories


If Consciousness were Your Currency Where are you “spending” your thoughts? Our ego requires linear thinking. Our ego processes symbols. Our ego assigns “value” to these symbols. The symbols that are not the actual thing. Symbols are a marker or reference to something … else. Your heart and soul don’t require symbols. They are a non-linear based intelligence. Yet, for so many of us, we “spend” most or all of our time immersed in linear thinking. In our minds. Life in the Fast Brain. The snag is … the ego wants the meaning of the past, to be used to interpret the “new” reality being born in each moment. In other words, the world you “see” now is interpreted by the symbols, and thus the values, of the past. So, if a magic spaceship arrived, and took you on a journey through time, into the future, what could you “see?” Perhaps…