Bring your Boat about

Set YOUR Course

We are entering the new chapters of our human story. And HERE YOU are. You.

Who is going to vet your story? Who will measure your effect? Does that even need to happen?

Nothing is required. You are standing in front of a (quantum) mirror. Your reflection (reality) has no template or requirements.

But then again … You are Here … now. At the most transformational time in perhaps the history of humanity. Your Soul saw this coming, and had a role for you to play out. If your ego so chooses. Your ego can bugger up the intent. Happens all the time. Many folks go to their grave completely clueless as to what their Soul had in mind for their life. I wouldn’t have grasped my purpose, had the cosmic two-by-four not cracked me open. Now my life purpose is a living breathing thing. I am in constant contemplation and daydreaming of what might be for my life. I want to be diligent with my ego, to understand the endless stream of new inspirations. The soul prefers a minimal script, and an open heart. Having an ego that isn’t scared of its own passionate heart helps immensely.

Whatever vision your Soul is dangling in front of your ego, trying to inspire it, that vision is but a stepping stone of what your life might be.

As we show up ready to take actions on our inspirations, more and more, the Soul expands its ideas of what might be. Expands the vision for our life. This life. This life now. But if our ego isn’t in the proverbial arena, isn’t dialed in, the Soul stands down. The ego is the regulator of sorts, until you can teach the ego to step aside. And assist the bigger vision in unfolding. Into manifesting.

As you open up, the intended direction of your life can expand and change. As a non-linear intelligence, your Soul prefers not scripting out the whole journey. It takes an open mind, a willing ego, to not only capture the inspiration, but to also fulfill it. This is where our daily habits can help bring about our future. The future you intended to create in this lifetime.

Collectively, the old paradigm has collapsed. There is a bit of a tug-of-war for what the new narrative(s) will be. You participate in this collective transformation, when you choose your preferences. Your vote for the future, is voted on by what you put your consciousness on. What you put your preferences on.

If you ego hasn’t let go of the older narratives, it can’t really be ready for the new possibilities that your Soul intends for you.

There is a vision for your life, living from a passionate open heart, and a grounded and engaged ego. The Dream your Soul is holding in the potentials of what your life might be. Fulfilling the vision of the heart of humanity. You have a part in that. A role in that. What that part is, that role is, for you, can only come from within yourself. Authenticity is always an inside job. Set YOUR course for living an empowered and authentic life.

Pure Authentic YOU!

What a most extraordinary time to be ALIVE!

Love You!



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