Lions, Tigers and Fears

Oh My!

There is a pattern that we can fall into, if we are not careful. Many people really live there. In a patterned mindset. What I am talking about is “out there” versus “in here.” Our egos process information. Our eyes, ears and other senses feed us an endless stream of information about the world … out there. And then we process that information … in here. In our heads. In our thoughts. Information.

But the folly of that is that the world doesn’t begin out there. We are the creators of our “reality.”  We are the creators of our reflection(s). What we put out … becomes the “out” there.

As I shared in a previous blog, I had an angry boss “out there.” Out in the physical world. I didn’t create him, per se.  But I did manifest him into my life. Into my narrative. Into my experience. I could have thought, it isn’t me that has this man pushing my buttons. Belittling me everyday. That somehow it was just a fluke. A glitch.

Here on Earth, there is a karmic tsunami playing out in the collective consciousness. So many “things” out there that are pushing us around “in here.” In our heads. In our thoughts. In our fears.

Do not be afraid. (The most quoted statement in the Christian Bible.)

We didn’t get here overnight. Both collectively and individually. But let’s focus on the individual. Let’s focus on You.

In order to be part of this karmic tsunami playing out on Earth, you had to come into resonance with it. In other words, when your soul chose to come here, during this huge upheaval of humanity, you had to want what it has to offer you.

As a soul, living out a human experience, you naturally wanted to grow and evolve yourself. To become experienced with a more challenging environment. A more challenging lesson to be learned. And what  an opportunity.

When our memory is wiped from us, as we are born into our body, and then we find ourselves in such a heavily manipulated culture, we have set ourselves up for quite the lesson. If you can come into this world, having forgotten who you really are, and find your light here, you are one of the most badass souls around. Really. Earth is a karmic classroom of sorts. A most advanced classroom for the most advanced souls around.

Our egos are created within the classroom. Our egos are formed within the karmic tsunami. As such, it can escape our understanding that the world out there is a reflection of our world within us. In other words, we are projecting our karmic demeanor, subconsciously, into the world out there, and what we get back, is directly related to what we are putting out. To change our experience of the world out there, is to change the karmic demeanor within ourselves. As I shared before, my anger attracted a reflection of itself, that manifested as my angry boss. And once I healed my relationship with my anger, thus changing the karmic energy I was sending out, it changed my world out there.

Everything out there, that triggers an emotional reaction within you, is showing yourself a karmic stigma within you. In other words, in order for you to even have a reaction, you need energy within your subconscious to be triggered. If there is no energy behind a topic or issue, there is no energy to be triggered. Everything that can trigger you is showing yourself an aspect of your subconscious karmic stigmas. What a gift!

We loaded ourselves up, with our past life experiences, to have this experience. To come into this karmic tsunami and have our buttons pushed. Once you understand the mechanism of how your own unresolved karma decides how you experience your life, then you can focus on your own karma. Your own triggers. Your own reactions. Heal those, and you will know a freedom that is most exceptional. And you will have passed the karmic class. Returning to the Kingdom of Heaven within you now.

EnJoy the Journey.

Love You!


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