information outside of us


Lions, Tigers and Fears Oh My! There is a pattern that we can fall into, if we are not careful. Many people really live there. In a patterned mindset. What I am talking about is “out there” versus “in here.” Our egos process information. Our eyes, ears and other senses feed us an endless stream of information about the world … out there. And then we process that information … in here. In our heads. In our thoughts. Information. But the folly of that is that the world doesn’t begin out there. We are the creators of our “reality.”  We are the creators of our reflection(s). What we put out … becomes the “out” there. As I shared in a previous blog, I had an angry boss “out there.” Out in the physical world. I didn’t create him, per se.  But I did manifest him into my life. Into my…