Your Free-Will will always approve Your request.

What shall it be?

You are never stuck. It, perhaps, is just the opposite. Not that you are stuck, but perhaps you just don’t know. Not knowing all of the things you could choose. We tend to stop dreaming when we have difficulty manifesting what we would prefer.

Karmic momentum has a way of shutting us down. Not forever, but long enough for us to become complacent with where we are. Complacent with our life condition. It is totally understandable. I mean, how many of us have had, perhaps, daily affirmations, and here we are months, years, or even decades later, with no significant changes towards the intent of our affirmations coming into fruition. Karma can sure be a bitch.

It is not personal, mind you. Karma, that is. Your karma is made up of … well … You. Karma, as an energy, is stored in your psyche. The energy behind that karma is your own consciousness. Your consciousness is your karma. Both in this now, and the wake of your consciousness. We fragment, or split, our consciousness, in the moment, in the now, and push some of it into our subconscious. Accumulating unresolved consciousness, from our past, as a karmic momentum in the present. That karmic momentum is what contradicts our daily affirmations.

Fast-forward many lifetimes, and we can have a huge amount of unresolved karma in our subconscious. This huge amount of karma influences each and every moment in our current life. The curious thing for me, is how natural life feels regardless of the amount of karma we have. Wherever we are in our karmic disposition, over time it feels quite “normal.”

So what about free-will? Where does the buck stop? I mean, if my karmic disposition prevents my intentions and affirmations from manifesting, then do I really have free-will? Well, sure.

But your free-will does not isolate you from the effect or consequences of your choices. Your free-will will not hesitate or interfere when you choose thoughts, choices and actions that bring a karmic consequence. Thoughts, choices and actions that add more unresolved consciousness in your subconscious. Road rage can only exist if there is a lot of unresolved anger and rage that has been suppressed and thus stored in the subconscious.

The way to propagate time and space, well, life itself, is to stay completely present in the everlasting now. That is not always possible. If our nervous system goes into shock, because, perhaps, we were just involved in a violent crash, by being in shock, we are pushing most everything we would have been feeling straight into our own subconscious. Or perhaps we avoid particular feelings. This is a very common way we can accumulate a vast amount of karma … when we have emotional habits of avoidance. Free-will is right there, allowing the avoidance. Free-will is fierce in how it allows us to load ourselves up with karmic dispositions. And free-will is here, right now, the moment we want to change our karmic trajectory.

Sure, you are God Consciousness incarnate. And as God Consciousness, there is nothing off the table. In other words, there are no limitations whatsoever, in what you could create. Your free-will can be a vehicle of unimaginable possibilities. In other words, once you get your karmic house in order, your free-will will grant you your every request. It does that right now, but a majority of your “requests” in this moment are a collage of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. And for most people, their subconscious karmic energy is much more pronounced than their current “conscious” consciousness. You will not know your true potentials until you cleanse your consciousness of unresolved subconscious energy. Then, free-will, with the same vigor, will actually fulfill your affirmations … today.

Changing your relationship(s) with your ability to feel everything about this moment will shift your karmic momentum. As you learn to heal your relationship(s) with all of your emotions, you can then shift the karmic momentum towards what you prefer to happen. Bringing you back into the creator role. Ask, and it is given. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. When you purify your personal energy persona, you restore a much more broad arena of possibilities that you could create. Once your subconscious karma is not conflicting with your current intentions, well then, your metaphorical wand begins to work … again.

Free will is always affirming your thoughts, choices and actions. Choose the good ones.

You can’t heal what you can’t feel.
— John Bradshaw “Homecoming”

Love You!



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