Your Free-Will will always approve Your request. What shall it be? You are never stuck. It, perhaps, is just the opposite. Not that you are stuck, but perhaps you just don’t know. Not knowing all of the things you could choose. We tend to stop dreaming when we have difficulty manifesting what we would prefer. Karmic momentum has a way of shutting us down. Not forever, but long enough for us to become complacent with where we are. Complacent with our life condition. It is totally understandable. I mean, how many of us have had, perhaps, daily affirmations, and here we are months, years, or even decades later, with no significant changes towards the intent of our affirmations coming into fruition. Karma can sure be a bitch. It is not personal, mind you. Karma, that is. Your karma is made up of … well … You. Karma, as an energy,…