Power is measured as Energy Pure Authentic You! How is it that electricity evaded our awareness for so many centuries? And then there is the elephant in the room, consciousness. Perhaps more specifically, human consciousness. Why would I say that human consciousness is an undiscovered (elephant in the room) source of power? Isn’t God the elephant in the room? Well, yes and yes. You, as human consciousness, are Source, or God Consciousness Incarnate. There is no consciousness outside of God Consciousness. The universe is not divided. The notion of “All That Is” as a (single) hologram of Source, or God Consciousness. With that in mind, human consciousness IS God Consciousness. The Father and I are one … now. No separation. God, with a big G, does not interfere with free will. God, with a big G, will not descend from the heavens, and reach over our shoulder to make corrections…