Power is measured as Energy

Pure Authentic You!

How is it that electricity evaded our awareness for so many centuries? And then there is the elephant in the room, consciousness. Perhaps more specifically, human consciousness.

Why would I say that human consciousness is an undiscovered (elephant in the room) source of power? Isn’t God the elephant in the room? Well, yes and yes. You, as human consciousness, are Source, or God Consciousness Incarnate. There is no consciousness outside of God Consciousness. The universe is not divided. The notion of “All That Is” as a (single) hologram of Source, or God Consciousness. With that in mind, human consciousness IS God Consciousness. The Father and I are one … now. No separation.

God, with a big G, does not interfere with free will. God, with a big G, will not descend from the heavens, and reach over our shoulder to make corrections in our human narrative.

But, God with a big G, is within you and me. We are Source (God) Consciousness personified as Human Consciousness.

When the slaves of Egypt wanted to be saved, they prayed to the Big God. And Moses showed up. Human Consciousness.

We are here for the human experience. We don’t get this far (into the darkness) only to have some glowing deity descend from the heavens and remove the lesson(s) from us. It is who we become along the journey.

Now about this Power thingy.

What is Power? A tsunami? An army? A hundred armies? Or perhaps a savanna covered in nuclear power plants?

One might say that the tsunami and the armies are a destructive power. More chaos than grace. And a huge collection of nuclear power generators will create nothing in and of themselves. Although they are a source of power, that power has no form or structure … until a human (consciousness) comes along and directs the power to fulfill an intention.

Now enter Jesus. Talk about power! Manifesting food for the masses, in the moment. Poof! Healing the sick, in the moment. Poof! Performing all manners of “miracles” in the moment … Poof! Now that is power-full.

You are the personification of God Consciousness. And Jesus was an example of just what that God Consciousness, in human form, could do. And Jesus said that you, the one reading this right now, would do everything that he has done. Poof!

Are you expecting to get your “poof” on?

Now let’s throw some quantum concepts in here. The “reality” that you are experiencing is a reflection of your energy.

Would you expect a homeless man to be able to raise the dead? Didn’t Jesus’ promise, that we will do everything that he has done, also apply to the homeless person too?

Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.

Power is created with a difference of potential. If all of humanity were the personification of Christ Consciousness, there would be nothing to transform. We load our personal energy persona up with karma, and that “removes” our accessibility to our own Divine power. It is really a very elegant design. If, at our core, we are God Consciousness personified, how can we have the experience of feeling powerless? How could we embody the archetype of being a prisoner and slave to the rulers of Egypt? How could we be praying to some external God to come save us? The measuring stick of the power of the human persona is our karmic disposition. How many lifetimes have we been accumulating our karma into our subconscious? How much karma does it take to render Source, God Consciousness, into the experience of playing out the role of being homeless? A lot. To suppress our Divine power takes many, many lifetimes of accumulating our karma.

And the journey back to our Divinity? Well, that is to resolve the karma held within our own subconscious. Our karma is our own consciousness from our past that we pushed or suppressed into our own psyche. What is our karma, energetically speaking? It is our own (Divine) consciousness. The energy behind our karma is our own consciousness.

To get our power back, is to release, with our own consciousness, the suppressed consciousness within our psyche. That is why energy work is so powerful.

What makes you powerful, or not, is how much of your Divine Consciousness is available in this moment. Ascended Masters do not have any energy in their subconscious. They are fully conscious. Resolve the energy in your subconscious, and You will be a Master in and of yourself, as promised by Jesus.

Love You!



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