Shedding Your Past

Once the lessons are learned

You are free.

There is a momentum that karma can bring into our lives. Like a wave coming onto shore. It is the result(s) of unresolved energies within our own personal energy persona. Yet, we are never stuck. Ever.

As a timeless Soul, we always have another moment … another now.

There is a notion, that is anchored in 3D thinking. My past is part of who I am. Well, sure  … well, maybe … well, no. Not really.

OK, it can be “true” in this moment, but it isn’t cast in concrete. This may seem like it is baloney. If it happened, well then, it happened. Right?

Yes, and no. We are a collage of energies that we have (karmically) accumulated over our many lifetimes. These energies create a momentum of sorts. In that, until we release and cleanse the energies from our personal energy persona, we will experience their effect in this moment as a  karmic disposition. However, our personal energy personas are completely programmable. The linear sensation we experience in our physical form is not the absolute truth of the quantum mirror. It can seem like we are following a linear thread through time and space. But, what we are experiencing in this moment, is only whatever is currently in our personal energy persona.

So let’s play with this a moment. Think about your family of origin. The family narrative your soul consciously chose for you to incarnate into this time around. There were probably specific attributes that matched the life lessons your soul had in mind for this incarnation. So, think of a few core attributes of your family of origin. Perhaps, for example, you were born into a really tough lesson. Say, perhaps, domestic violence.

Take a step back. Maybe a few steps back. Well, maybe ALL the steps back. Back to the day that your Soul was born. You didn’t have any karmic momentum at that time. You had no energy stored in your personal energy persona. Well, THAT purity is at your core right now. Everything else is a temporary part of your journey. The journey of the soul is to plunge into the darkness, into the shadow, and then return to the Light. All paths lead back to Source Consciousness (God). The reason for every energetic component of your karmic collage … is your own consciousness. We accumulate our karma when we posture with the “reality” of the moment. When we resist some aspect of what is happening. WE automatically store everything that we do not, or cannot, process in the moment.

An example of the is when we go into shock. Say, for example, the rookie soldier who is going into battle for the first time. The shock of the horrific scene puts the soldier into shock. Then, like a huge experience recorder, all the feelings that would have been felt, had the soldier been able to stay present, are pushed straight into their subconscious. The beginning of PTSD. Day after day, all of the feelings of the experience that the soldier can’t stay present with get pushed into their subconscious. Likewise, the same holds true for ALL of your experiences over the many lifetimes that you have lived. Whatever hasn’t been processed is still in your subconscious, contributing to the experience that you are currently having of “reality.” Your “reality.” Your karmic “reality.”

Remove the (subconscious) energy, and thus, you are removing the karma.

Ascended Masters do not have a subconscious, and thus do not have a karmic momentum. They are fully conscious. And yet … they are Masters. Because they have gone through the karmic lessons. As you will too. As you purify your karmic imprinting, you are removing the karmic effect of your past. And the quantum mirror will remove the karmic reflection from your experience … right now. Freeing yourself from the karma of your past. Today.

You can actually (energetically) reprogram your past. What if your struggle was with your Dad. He was a major struggle for you. OK. But take a moment and daydream a different Dad. Perhaps he sold Cadillacs in a small coastal town. He was happy and fun. Taking you on adventures all over the world. Always up for an adventure. You always felt his unconditional love for you. Encouraging you to follow your dreams. Really, take some time to daydream such things. You will be creating a new energy within your personal energy persona. Re-enforce this energy often, and the quantum mirror will reflect it back to you. It really doesn’t matter when the energy is created … the quantum mirror will instantly reflect it back to you.

You can (re)program your life experience(s). All of them.

Love You!



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