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Shedding Your Past Once the lessons are learned You are free. There is a momentum that karma can bring into our lives. Like a wave coming onto shore. It is the result(s) of unresolved energies within our own personal energy persona. Yet, we are never stuck. Ever. As a timeless Soul, we always have another moment … another now. There is a notion, that is anchored in 3D thinking. My past is part of who I am. Well, sure  … well, maybe … well, no. Not really. OK, it can be “true” in this moment, but it isn’t cast in concrete. This may seem like it is baloney. If it happened, well then, it happened. Right? Yes, and no. We are a collage of energies that we have (karmically) accumulated over our many lifetimes. These energies create a momentum of sorts. In that, until we release and cleanse the energies…