The Goddess and the God

And that would be YOU!

Divine Mother and Divine Father are relaxing in bed, after having the best whoopee they have ever had. And Divine Father leans over smiling and says, “Well THAT was the best it has ever been! What else is possible?” Divine Mother, smiling,  closes her eyes, and goes into a dream … about to fetch the vision for the next chapter of creation.

There is a natural and balanced flow to creation. From (Divine) Feminine in-spiration, then out into (Divine) Masculine manifestation. Without end.

There is a karmic hierarchy. Brilliant really. Tiered levels of manifestation. In order to manifest at the higher levels of consciousness, you have to be the embodiment of Love. The “bad guys” can’t turn water into wine. Or raise the dead. Or heal the sick, etc. This is by design. The ability to operate at the higher realms of power, really, is to purify your own personal energy persona … with (unconditional) Love.

My soul put me in front of very high-power television transmitters, very early in my career. To show me, firsthand, the nature of power. Very high levels of power.

Jesus goes walking about doing all manner of miracles. And tells you to expect the same for yourself. The power that it takes to do just that, is related to purity. Purity from karma. Purity in Love. Where the LIGHT (Source Consciousness) at the core of your BEing now, IS the consciousness of the Creator. There is no difference. But if you have loaded up your consciousness with karmic imprinting, then there is lower vibration energy that pollutes and dilutes this Divine Light within you now. Lowering your power. A brilliant scheme, really.

As you load up your personal energy persona with karmic imprinting, you are shifting away from the ability to manifest from a place of power. Like Jesus did when he could manifest in the moment. Very powerful. Performing a “miracle” in the moment. But, once you have loaded yourself up with karma, you have to consume energy to “create” something powerful. For example, expending energy to create an army. If it consumes energy, it is force, and not true power.

Armies consume energy. They have to be sustained. If you cut off their (external) energy supply they collapse. Whereas power, true Divine Power, is the LIGHT itself. Source (God) consciousness itself. Requiring no external power source, LIGHT (Source or God Consciousness) manifesting without effort. This LIGHT is within you now. At your very core. The way you activate it is to cleanse your karma and heal your relationship with (unconditional) Love.

Although there are many roads to “redemption,” Love is always the vehicle to get you there.

Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.
~ Rumi

Love You!


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