From Light into Shadow. From Shadow into Light.

Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi

There is a real elegance to karma. It is a beautiful design.

WTF! Les, there is so much suffering on this planet. Karma sucks.

What if, in an imaginary world, you spent your entire life in an incubator of sorts. It was a very nice incubator, with all the latest delights. But the incubator made sure it was always 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21º Celsius). What if the temperature never changed? And then I asked you … what does cold feel like? Huh? What is “cold?”

Source Consciousness (God), it seems, is in an eternal quest to know more about itself.

It seems that everything in nature is in a cycle of sorts. Day/Night. Summer/Winter. Fast/Slow. Light/Dark. Birth/Death.

Within the journey of a Soul, there is a cycle of sorts as well. A fresh-born Soul has no karma. And it doesn’t have any (human) experiences either. It is the personification of Source Consciousness. A clean slate of sorts. But as Consciousness wants to explore/know more about itself, it chooses to go into separation. Into darkness. Into karma.

Kind of like a newborn baby. A newborn baby does not have an ego. It doesn’t have a context to judge or weigh life with. And, over time, it develops a sense of self. It builds itself a personality construct, as it learns about the world, based on the (karmic) imprinting of the parents. And, based on that imprinting, it starts to have preferences and opinions. And now, perhaps, it starts “suffering.” “What the hell is going on in this world?” It has created a polarity of sorts. I prefer this and I don’t prefer that. This type of polarity, taken to an extreme, can be playing out many types of worry and fret that egos are so good at creating. This polarity is very similar to the notion of Light and Dark(ness).

What would it feel like to be powerless? How would it feel like to be very vulnerable? If, indeed, every Soul is a very powerful personification of the Divine, how could you ever experience these feelings? You would have to (seemingly) disconnect from your truth. You would need to believe you are not powerful.

So, Jesus walks around, instantly manifesting food for the masses. Healing the sick, and all manor of miracles. Poof! done. Poof! done. And He said we will do these things as well … and more.

The Soul takes on karma as a way to take some if its power offline. It is not that we “lose” our power as if it leaves us completely. But rather, we take that power offline and “store” it in our subconscious.

To totally take our power offline might take many, many lifetimes. One of the best examples of loading up our subconscious with karma, is the archetype of the warrior or soldier. The young innocent boy goes off to war. And on the battlefield, he goes into shock at the horror that is happening before him. Watching the brutality of humanity killing itself. In that state of shock, all of what he would be feeling is funneled into his subconscious. Loading up his subconscious with unresolved horror, really. And that man comes home totally wiped out. His psyche shattered and wounded. Struggling with life itself. No real sense of personal power. Having to abandon any sense of compassion for humanity. Forced to “kill at will” if he would have any chance of surviving the war.

Our Souls chose to go as far into the darkness that we have come. I don’t have to tell anyone of the human suffering on this planet.

All of this karmic quagmire that we have created for ourselves, affords us the ability to detect even the slightest amounts of love, compassion, forgiveness and such. How can we really know love, if we don’t know how the lack of love feels? We have come to the edge of darkness. We have even built out a nuclear arsenal on this planet that could end all of life. We traffic ourselves. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry. And even child trafficking is extremely profitable on this planet. WTF? How dark can darkness go? We are so far out in the proverbial woods, that if you can incarnate on this planet, and (re)discover the Love with the core of your being, and then embody that love, well then, you are a badass Soul mastering perhaps one of the toughest things a Soul could have to learn.

We are finally on our way back to the light. We are on the return trip back to Light. There is a shift in human consciousness, going on all around the world, that is moving us back. Back into the realms of love, compassion, forgiveness, and all the other positive arenas in which Love expresses itself.

Human (Source) Consciousness is extremely powerful. Jesus demonstrated that. And He promised that we would (return to) experiencing that power ourselves. Just imagine what the world would be like, once millions of people arrive at that level of personal power. The return to Light is the restoration of that power. Both personally and collectively. Love is the power behind that power. Love can resolve all wounds. Once we feel our love/power coming back online, we will learn how to stay in that power. And the power of love will have us once again.

Love You!



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