From Light into Shadow. From Shadow into Light. Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi There is a real elegance to karma. It is a beautiful design. WTF! Les, there is so much suffering on this planet. Karma sucks. What if, in an imaginary world, you spent your entire life in an incubator of sorts. It was a very nice incubator, with all the latest delights. But the incubator made sure it was always 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21º Celsius). What if the temperature never changed? And then I asked you … what does cold feel like? Huh? What is “cold?” Source Consciousness (God), it seems, is in an eternal quest to know more about itself. It seems that everything in nature is in a cycle of sorts. Day/Night. Summer/Winter. Fast/Slow. Light/Dark. Birth/Death. Within the journey of a Soul, there is a cycle of sorts as well.…