our relationship with things


Vibrational Equivalence The Nature of Karma There is an elegance. A grace you might say. What I am talking about is the mechanics of karma. I would say it is very similar to how a mirror works. A mirror is very graceful. It, without effort or motive, simply reflects back what is “shown” to it. How you experience “reality” is just as graceful. For what you are experiencing is your own personal energy persona, being reflected back to you through the quantum mirror. It is an impersonal reflection of … yourself. Your karma fabricates your experience of your “reality,” and yet it is impersonal. Karma, like gravity, is impersonal and indifferent. When we desire something, and perhaps have a difficult time creating it, that difficulty is based on the presence of incongruent energies within our personal energy persona. Our karma itself. The more karma you have in your personal energy…