Well, Here you are!

I See You

Do you see you? Who are you? What would bring you what you desire most?

There are no requirements. None. That’s what Free Will really means. As YOU wish.

So what will it be? More of the same? Back to the old ways? Maybe some more of … that!

As you wish.

Do you wish? Do you have desires? Is there something that gets you excited about your life?

Sometimes we can paint ourselves into a corner. Where we have decided and chosen preferences that don’t really serve us. We can choose our preferences that really keep ourselves predictable. Keep our egos “safe.” Keep our life predictable. We can build up “reasons” to always choose one way or another. For example … I got my heart broken, I don’t want to go there again. Don’t (ever) go there again. Check. We are “safe” now. We won’t feel that way ever again. Lets trim up that last sentence … we won’t ever feel again.

Maybe predictable can get boring, after a while. Maybe safe can become dull or even numb.

“It’s only in uncertainty that we’re naked and alive.”
~ Peter Gabriel

How can we feel accomplished, if we don’t grow ourselves? How can we have a metaphorical victory if we don’t take on a challenge?

So, let’s really shake things up. Let’s bring in our Hearts. Lets see what they have to say. Oh geez… not THAT. lol

“Come to me as a child” is a phrase from the Christian bible. An insight into the element of discovery. Your life can go in one of a million new directions … today. You can be IN-spired today. This can bring you a whole new realm of discovery. A whole new discovery of who you might become. Become. Implying a growth or evolution of your consciousness. Of who you think you are.

The Heart thinks differently than our egos do. Our egos tend to be linear and rational. That’s great for driving and balancing our checkbooks. Our Hearts tend to think in images and in dreams. What would it feel like to … volunteer at the shelter or climb Mount Everest or write a screenplay or play in the mud? All of those things have kind of an equal measure to the Heart. To our Hearts, if playing in the mud makes you laugh, a really deep belly laugh, then it is just as precious as the other things. Perhaps even more.

Well, the mud would make such a mess. Yes it would. The mud might stain our clothes. Yes it might. (You could play in the mud naked ;- ). Playing in the mud might get in our hair. Yes it would. So what? You are not going to take the risk? So you will not experience the reward(s) either? So what will it be?

Don’t tell me, but do tell you.

If we do too much “adulting,” we can paint ourselves into a corner. What would make your inner child giggle with laughter? Do that. Take the time to discover what that would be and do it.

I don’t know what looks more beautiful on you … the mud caked on your face, or that big-ass smile.

Love You!



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