daily thoughts


Stuck in the Mud A form of stagnation We are never stuck. Not really. We can get “stuck” in the sense that we fall into a very repetitive pattern of thinking. A repetitive pattern of living. And the ego likes it there. Everything is predictable and “safe.” It might seem that it isn’t stuck. That is is rather nice. Preferred really. Nothing is required. Nothing. Our fierce free agency says that we are free to do whatever we choose to do. Before I got cracked open, my life was, in hindsight, rather stuck. Sure, I was working in Television. A career I really adored. I was quite content. But I wasn’t writing books, hosting podcasts, philosophizing the nature of our human genome, doing my inner work, nor was I dreaming of what my life could be. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. We are living in a time of…