healing our relationship with ourselves


Your Happiness and Your Sorrow It is all up to You Your mind is the beginning, and the end, of your happiness and your sorrow. It is a most curious thing. Our mind/ego is the decider. Well … kind of. How many people have created a vision board, and religiously chanted their daily affirmations, only to find that years later … nothing (of significance) has changed? If those things, affirmations and vision boards, are the creation and intent of the mind/ego, how can I say that the mind/ego is the decider? We take on karma when we posture with what is. That posturing is initiated by the mind/ego. At least, most of the time. There are times when the mind/ego doesn’t get to decide. For example, a young soldier going into battle for the first time. The shock and horror of carnage can trigger the body to protect itself. It…