God will not fix your problems

Not without You

God is so very powerful. Right? And God has unconditional Love for us. Yet we can pray for God to help us and it seems like nothing is really happening. How many times, as a child, did you pray to God for that bicycle for your birthday? Only to not get it. Do you think, as a child, you lost faith in God? Did you think, as a child, that God really didn’t love you? Do you think, as you were growing up, that you ever got angry at God? Come on God, I have prayed and prayed, and you just don’t listen.

Would you take a child out of kindergarten and give them a Ph.D? Would you take a pre-med student and have them perform brain surgery? It is the journey, and the things we learn along the way, that grow ourselves. Our Soul chose to come here for the human experience. To know what is was like to be a human. To know how it felt to overcome ourselves, really. In the sense of believing in ourselves. To trust ourselves and to master ourselves to overcome all the obstacles that might be in our way.

Society is in such turmoil. There is so much upheaval in our collective consciousness. A tug-of-war of sorts. So many people are looking to control the narrative of the collective. So what is it going to be? What will our future hold for us? Is God going to just sit there and watch, with a big bucket of popcorn?

So, an obese person prays to God… God, make me healthy and strong. Yet, said person is not willing to lift a finger. Stuck on the proverbial couch. And God rolls his eyes.

Perhaps we have given up on the notion that God would help us. I mean, if you have prayed and prayed, and … nada, why would you pray again, right?

God is there to help … assist YOU.

You want to kick your own life into overdrive? Do you want to know what is possible for your life? Pray this prayer. God, please show me how I can be a bigger vessel of compassion for humanity.

And wait. Pay attention. And you will get visions of what your life could be. God will guide you, but God will not walk the path for you.

Our karmic lessons are there to grow us. And for many of us, we are here for the tougher lessons. Many of us have had several proverbial train wrecks in our life. Very challenging times. We are bumping up against these challenges with perhaps a substantial amount of karma in our psyche. Where it can feel like we could cry ourselves to sleep every damn night. Where there are a lot of unresolved feelings and emotions in our psyche. Where we have substantial anger, shame, guilt, self-doubt, and the like, pent up in our subconscious.

When we get triggered, and all of those unresolved feelings get stirred up, we can tend to shut down. We can tend to hibernate and avoid those tough feelings. All the while bumping up against our daily challenges.

There is a way to change your experience of your feelings and emotions fairly quickly. The “problem” with our feelings and emotions is not the feelings and emotions themselves, but rather, our mental memories associated with those feelings and emotions. Oftentimes, we establish mental relationships with our feelings and emotions at a very early age. For example, when Dad got drunk and angry, and started beating on Mom, we, as a child, infused that image, that experience, into our psyche as a direct relationship with that particular emotion. In this example, the emotion is anger. Yet, in another household, anger might have been associated with a real disdain for the corruption in local government. Maybe the father was the District Attorney and the governor would not allow them to prosecute the criminals. Same emotion, yet a completely different association.

What I am getting at here, is that it is very likely that you have had a single association with a particular emotion. Based on the experience of it that you had as a child. Your mind made the association that the experience and the emotion were directly linked, through the repetitive experiences with those feeling you had as a child. But in truth, there are countless ways you can associate with any particular emotion. You can dissolve the old associations, and discern new relationships that you have with your particular emotions.

Our emotions themselves have no motive or bias. They are actually indifferent to how we relate to them. We can change our relationship with all of our emotions any time we want.

When we pray to God for change, and yet we are not willing to change (our relationships with our feelings), we are likely to experience more of the same. We stay in our pattern of learned association with ourselves. In a rut of sorts. Where we keep repeating the patterns we learned as a child.

God will gladly show us our options. But if those options involve us healing our relationship with our emotions and feelings, well then, the ability for our prayers to be answered … is all on us.

We are here for the experience of BEing human.

Love You!



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