The Ever-Evolving You!

Without End

You are never stuck. Well, unless you think you are. And even then, you can always re-decide.

We are souls well-established on our journeys. We have loaded up our psyches with karma from our past. And this karma creates a momentum of sorts. A consistency of sorts in our everyday experiences. A lot of this momentum is found in our subconscious.

You can imagine a huge supertanker out in the ocean. Laden with cargo. Riding low in the water. The top speed is quite slow. If this immense amount of mass wanted to just turn around, it might take an hour. And a mile of space in which to do it. Loaded up. Lots of inertia. The last moment similar to this moment. In a lot of ways, this metaphor is similar to ourselves. At least collectively. We have loaded up our psyches with karma. A mass of sorts. A karmic momentum of sorts. The last moment similar to this moment. With our collective karmic momentum that seems like it is very difficult to change.

Some of us are more loaded up than others. You can think of, perhaps, a war vet. With a tempest of a psyche. Lots of karma loaded up in their psyche. Where the life dynamic might not change much in years and even decades.

Then there is the notion of a jet ski. A fast and agile metaphor. Turns on a dime. Perhaps going in a completely different direction than the last moment. Easy to adjust the trajectory. Easy to decide something else as the experience of the moment. Quick and nimble. Easy to make a change.

Perhaps a trust fund recipient. At least metaphorically. Perhaps not attached to anything. Easy to change the current narrative. Want to move to the other side of the world? Taxi, take me to the airport … now. A nimble sort of possibilities. Want to start a completely new trajectory? Done!

The momentum of karma is an attribute that can be a lesson in and of itself. The notion that we “load up our psyches” is a clue of sorts, in that the way out of karma, is to unload our psyche.

Have you noticed that road rage has an intense amount of emotions to it? How does someone go from pretty normal, to finding themselves in a rage in an instant? The bulk of the emotions behind road rage is from the past. For the most part, the vast majority of the emotion of road rage was there, stored inside the psyche, ready to be triggered … again. The karma of road rage is to even have so much unresolved emotions lying there just below the radar.

Road rage is just one example. I like it as an example because it shows a quick shift in the amount of emotions felt in the moment.

Then there are not-so-obvious examples. Like, in my case, anger. I had a huge amount of anger, stored in my subconscious. Not so obvious. I didn’t show anger. I didn’t consciously experience anger in my day-to-day life. Anger was a major karmic influence in every day of my life for years, even decades. And I had no clue. None. Anger was present in my everyday life. My ego was scared of it. My ego avoided it.  At all cost. The anger, stuffed down in my subconscious, was dictating a large part of my life. Like a silent supertanker of karma. And until I released it from my psyche, until I healed my relationship with anger, it was keeping me stuck on a karmic trajectory of sorts. The anger itself didn’t have any attributes of its own. In other words, the karmic momentum of my anger didn’t come from the anger itself. It came from me posturing with that anger. Me avoiding that anger. Me stuffing that anger down into my subconscious. Accumulating more and more of it, day in and day out. Again, not because of the anger itself, but with my karmic posturing with it.

Anger, for me now, is a very powerful, in-the-moment emotion. When I feel anger come up in me, in the moment, it is a flag of sorts. A messenger of sorts. Telling me I am not being congruent with myself. And the really cool thing about anger, is not only does it notify us when we are not congruent with ourselves, but it is a really pure and powerful energy that we can use in the moment to resolve the incongruency. In the moment. Our emotions are designed to be completely processed as we go throughout our day. Each emotional event completely resolved in the moment. With no emotions being pushed into our subconscious. Where we do not load up our psyche, as we go about our life.

The loaded-up psyche represents a person, a soul, that has chosen a tough class. A tough karmic path that can be very difficult from the ego’s perspective. The tempest, the tsunami that will make a skilled sailor. A skilled soul. That is the lesson(s) that a soul learns as it journeys into the darkness, into the shadow. Until it decides to return to wholeness. Until the soul decides to start unloading all the karmic stigmas that have been accumulated over the many lifetimes. This is where many of us are now. The journey back “home.”

Karma, itself, is as impersonal as gravity.

Love You



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