shifting perspectives


The Ever-Evolving You! Without End You are never stuck. Well, unless you think you are. And even then, you can always re-decide. We are souls well-established on our journeys. We have loaded up our psyches with karma from our past. And this karma creates a momentum of sorts. A consistency of sorts in our everyday experiences. A lot of this momentum is found in our subconscious. You can imagine a huge supertanker out in the ocean. Laden with cargo. Riding low in the water. The top speed is quite slow. If this immense amount of mass wanted to just turn around, it might take an hour. And a mile of space in which to do it. Loaded up. Lots of inertia. The last moment similar to this moment. In a lot of ways, this metaphor is similar to ourselves. At least collectively. We have loaded up our psyches with karma.…