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Your Happiness and Your Sorrow It is all up to You Your mind is the beginning, and the end, of your happiness and your sorrow. It is a most curious thing. Our mind/ego is the decider. Well … kind of. How many people have created a vision board, and religiously chanted their daily affirmations, only to find that years later … nothing (of significance) has changed? If those things, affirmations and vision boards, are the creation and intent of the mind/ego, how can I say that the mind/ego is the decider? We take on karma when we posture with what is. That posturing is initiated by the mind/ego. At least, most of the time. There are times when the mind/ego doesn’t get to decide. For example, a young soldier going into battle for the first time. The shock and horror of carnage can trigger the body to protect itself. It…