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Embody Your Soul

Embody Your Soul Feeling good never felt better Your soul had a vision for your life before you were born. Yet, your ego can keep all your thoughts in check. There is a wisdom of your soul that your ego cannot even comprehend. How do we get

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Harvest Your Akash, Live the Life You Love

You are an awakened Soul But you always have been… an awakened Soul. Perhaps the REAL difference this time around is that you are an awakened ego. Your Soul is always aware of the truth. Your Soul always knows its relationship with the Divine. Your Soul is

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What Is It That You Want?

Creating what you want There are two things that will make all the difference in the world. Not getting what you want, and getting what you are asking for. So first things first … what do you want? What do you want consciousness to provide for you?

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New Chapter, New Game

New Chapter, New Game We are entering a whole new paradigm There were so many centuries of the old-school living. The 3D world of our past. But now we are entering a whole new paradigm, in so many ways. There is a whole new “set of rules”

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Embody the Divine

Trusting the Divinity of Your Life So many sages and mystics have told us of the God/Goddess within us now. You are God/Goddess now. Well cool. Then I don’t have to do anything then … right? Well, don’t stop buying food just yet. Sure, there are infinite

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As You Wish

Creating as you are inspired to You are the thing itself. The creative process of our human nature happens through the human experience. Exactly like your experience. The creative process IS happening in you. All of our human history is about people just like you. Every story about

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