Change is getting serious … as it should

Where ARE we going?

They used to burn witches … didn’t they?

Excuse me … I have a question. Jesus said that we would (eventually) be doing everything that he has done, including healing the sick. Yet, in the past, IF you were to actually heal the sick, you could be labeled a witch and burned at the stake.

If God, with a big “G”, will not descend down, reach over our shoulders, and grab the wheel, then it is up to us, the human BEings, to show up in more powerful ways.

This fierce free-will thingy is elusive. In the sense that what we are looking for, collectively, is hidden within ourselves. It is done unto US as WE believe. If we are to have Heaven on Earth, it will be US who create it. Sure, we can pray to a higher power, but the higher power will not do it for us. How could it? It is like when the fiscally destitute folks win the lottery, and yet a few years later, they are right back to being broke. So too, if Divine BEings were to magically shift our narrative, moving us out of struggle and into joy, happiness and wellbeing, without US, we ourselves, making changes within us, we would not be able to sustain the new paradigm. And, over time, we would most likely default back towards our original narrative. We have to embody the changes if we want them to last. Because we create our “reality.” We have to change ourselves, and thus, the collective, if we are to have what we truly desire. The evolution of consciousness itself.

If we have been burned at the stake when we started to embody the inherent Divine potentials within ourselves, well then, something needs to change in a serious way.

And the change has already started. There are many healing modalities that put the power in the hands, quite literally, of the practitioner. Reiki is an example of that. A healing modality that uses the inherent Divine potentials available to all of us, to energetically create a new outcome.

Where are the Christian Miracles schools? Teaching us to see ourselves as equals to Jesus? If indeed, He himself said that we would be doing the very same things … and even more. It feels like we have shifted our role to that of followers. Seekers. And in that role, we are not moving in the right direction. That of (more) personal empowerment.

The empowerment of the human persona IS the way of the future. As promised by our “saviors.”

We should be seeing legions of Christ personas arising from our own personal evolution.

It feels like there are BIG changes coming down the pike. And BIG changes are what it will take for us to properly see ourselves as the solution to our human condition.

What is your vision of an ideal world? It is done unto you as you believe. Do you believe that your vision of an ideal world is possible? Your answer will help you see if you feel empowered to create what you want. Ask, and it is given.

Love to You on this day.



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