Our Saviors will not save us. They don’t want to.

Ask and it is given.

What are you waiting for? What will help you feel more comfortable about your future? Is there a way where you could relax, and know that you are on the right path? What will “save” you?

All of our Saviors suck … at actually saving us.

It is quite evident that all of the saviors, from all of our religions, from all the different cultures of the world, have “failed” to save us.

Most of our “traditional religious” saviors are from thousands of years ago in our collective past. And yet, the free will of our human demeanor built out a nuclear arsenal, in the 1950’s, that could have ended all life on the planet. I don’t know about you, but there is no sense of safety with such destructive intentions creating at will. The amount of human suffering on this planet hasn’t come anywhere near zero throughout those thousands of years since all of our saviors have walked the earth. The infliction of suffering, human on human, has been found in our human history all along the way.

But wait , Jesus is coming back!

Then … THEN … he will certainly kick sin’s ass, all the way to hell!

Did he go to “Super” Savior School and learn some Super powerful stuff?

Jesus doesn’t want to save us. Not really. Jesus was asking us, US, to step into our inherent Divine potential. “You will do everything I have done … and more.” And more. MORE. Is it possible for you to be more powerful than Jesus? I am not interested in measuring such things. But I am very interested if such things are possible.

What if Jesus had a Twitter account? What if He posted on Instagram? Or made videos and sent them around the world on His own YouTube channel? His message would have been magnified manyfold. Perhaps having a much more powerful effect on the collective.

Can you get a Twitter account? Can you record videos? Can you post stuff on the internet and have it instantly available all over the world?

Damn, you are living in very powerful times. With very powerful options available to you that were not even possible when our “saviors” were walking around. If you were to follow the teachings of Jesus, and get around to doing everything he has done … and more, then you would be manifesting the true Divine potentials of your Soul. The ultimate consequence to the evolution of your consciousness.

There are no need for saviors. The notion of being “saved” is flawed. We are here for the human experience. We are timeless Souls who have chosen to immerse ourselves into the darkness. We have, individually and collectively, chosen to go to the very edge of darkness. To learn what it feels like to experience a sense of separation. A sense of powerlessness. How could you possibly experience the pain and suffering on this planet unless you forgot who you really are.

Ask, and it is given. It is done unto you as YOU believe. The real power is right here in your consciousness.

Where are the Christian “Alchemy” schools? Where are the Buddhist “How to perform a miracle” classes? The Krishna “Heal the sick” classes? (We have the internet … these could be global classes ;- )

The (quantum) mechanics of miracles exist wherever YOU are. The universe will not change at all in order for you to perform miracles. It will be you that changes. Gravity did not change at all when you learned how to walk. You mastered it.

We all need to own our inherent Divine potentials. We need to get our “Jesus” on. To embody Christ Consciousness. As promised by Jesus himself.

Get clear about what you want your future to look like. What do you prefer? Whatever you put your consciousness on … expands.

If you want to see your savior … go look in a mirror.

Love You!



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