Embody Your Soul

Feeling good never felt better

Your soul had a vision for your life before you were born. Yet, your ego can keep all your thoughts in check. There is a wisdom of your soul that your ego cannot even comprehend. How do we get the soul moved into our everyday thoughts, feelings and actions?

What is your relationship with all that is? Everything? What parts of life do you accept? And what parts of life are you totally against? You are the creator. Not only as an individual, but also as a point of presence of THE creator. The BIG guy. Well, actually equally, the God … and the Goddess. How do you feel about what has already been created?

Your relationship with your ability to create and your relationship with everything that has been created, will decide how you can, or cannot, show up in your life.

Your soul has no bias. Your soul has no fear either. Your soul understands that all that is … is Divine. For there is only one creator. A galactic-sized hologram on the One mind of God/Goddess. As you ease your judgment of all that is, you actually open up your consciousness. The vastness of your soul would need untethered consciousness. And if your ego is holding the steering wheel tight, well then, there is no way your soul could exist in your consciousness without severe hindrance.

To see everything that is … as Divine right now … is a start. To melt your bias of all that is, is a key step in opening up your future. So that your soul can envision what happens throughout your day. And all the days of your life. Soul-level living. Those that embody their soul are the first New Humans … living the life that they Love.

Love You!



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