The Vision of Your Soul

Different Goals for Different Souls

The curious thing about this karmic soup we are all living in, is just how thick it is. Our karma, here on Earth, is some of the thickest karma around. And you, yes you, are a soul that chose to incarnate in the first ripples of our re-awakening. Just take a moment and imagine a planet that has lived in such torment and struggle, for eons of time, that is now, just now, starting to come out of the darkness.

If you consider the scale of human consciousness, it is a logarithmic scale. The energy of (your) consciousness is exponential. Although we cannot directly sense, with our five senses, the raw power behind this consciousness, we CAN derive some understanding of it. Just like electricity. We cannot see electricity. But we can develop an understanding of it.

So imagine someone living on the bottom of the power level. Perhaps a homeless vet who is loaded up with multiple episodes of PTSD. So loaded up with karma, that they are often barely living on mere fumes of energy in order to sustain even the most basics of living, and surviving. If they catch a cold tonight, it might extinguish the remaining power left, and they would die. A simple hug could massively transform the amount of power available to them. A simple act of kindness could turn the tide around. And as the power would rise up, the power involved would expand exponentially.

So as we get to the top of power that is possible for our human potential, to change the power level there, would change the course of nations. This is the place of the Gandhis, Jesuses and Buddhas. And potentially … you. The universe is not biased. At all. It is actually simple physics. The physics of consciousness.

Enter karma. Your karma. What is possible for your life? … ???

Did you come up with an answer? The sense you get is a reflection of what you think is possible. From your ego’s point of view. Now compare that notion you just came up with, with the vision your soul has shown you. What is the vision your soul has shown you for your life? How close are the two visions?

Often, the vision of our soul is HUGE. Gigantic.
E-x-p-a-n-s-i-v-e. Don’t shy away from it.

The thing that WILL bring your life around to accomplish the BIG vision for your life, is YOUR power level. How much of your karma have you resolved and released? Where are you on the karmic scale? Your personal energy persona is the regulator of what you can, or cannot, accomplish in this lifetime. To actually tend to your karma is to raise the power level of your own consciousness. As you do that, your ego evolves. Your experience of life changes. And your beliefs of what is possible for your life expand.

I wrote “Personal Power Fundamentals” to teach how to raise your power level. To raise your power is to expand the potentials of your life. It does take effort. No effort, no change.

My soul put me in front of million-watt transmitters for decades to teach me what power is. And then it cracked me open to my own personal energy persona. The power of the universe is Love. There is no amount of karma anywhere that can match the immense power of (unconditional) Love. As you raise your personal power, you can embody more Love. Exponentially.

The Vision of Your Soul … Live it!

Love You



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