Love Without End

The Divine manifesting through You

Are you feeling it? Are you getting glimpses of e-x-p-a-n-s-i-o-n? Is the vision of your life growing?

It takes some surrender. OK, perhaps a lot of surrender. Fair enough. Total surrender. Alright, total embodiment! LOL

Love has no end. And You are One and the same. Love without end. You cannot break it. You cannot escape it. It is woven into the fabric of all that you are.

The so very cool thing about Love is how it feels. Or rather, how it CAN feel. Love is a multidimensional energy behind all of creation. If you peel back the symbol that your mind has assigned to those “things” you see, you would find the Light of Love. Love is a field. Like a magnetic field that influences its surroundings. Even that description comes up short. That’s why those who have found the infinite field of Love tend to resort to poetry to “try” to describe it. Perhaps the collapse of duality itself! LOL. I Love it!

There is something that happens when Love permeates more and more of your consciousness. You start to see it everywhere. In the micro and the macro. In the stars at night and inside the nucleus of the atom. And everything in between.

Your body is the canvas of feeling Love. And the feeling of Love expanding on your body is ecstasy. The practice of tantra is poking at it with a stick. Tantra itself, is not the endgame. Tantra is kicking at the door. Taunting the Divine within you. Love, by its very nature, will not do anything that elicits a fear response. And You are very, very powerful. Very powerful. When that power starts flowing, your karma starts to burn (off). And the ego then tends to panic. And a pulling away happens.

But, IF you can teach your ego what is happening, give it some experiences of the “burn,” and then delve in with a trust of the process of release, you can tease the Divine out of hiding. Where there are endless wonderful waves of ecstasy flowing through your body. A most delightful embodiment of the Divine. And that can even show up throughout your day. How much can you enjoy Love? A trickle or a tsunami?

This karmic classroom, in THIS lifetime, holds the most “flow” possible. Your next lifetime will not offer such HUGE opportunities to heal the collective through ecstasy! An endless romance.

Love You!



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