Desire as the Root of Creation

Your desires are a Divine attribute

When Divine Goddess first had the idea of creation, before handing it over to Divine Masculine to bring it into form, there was no end. There was no specific intent. Like once the world became a particular way, it would be done.

We are on a galactic timeline here. Thousands of billions of years. All for what? What is the goal? The end game?

It is for you. It is for me.

The act of creation has happened from the beginning of all that is. And the act of creation is happening right now. You are a creator incarnate. You are THE creator, incarnate. You are a personification of Source-consciousness. And just by your consciousness, you are Divinity itself, creating.

When you get an impulse of desire, that is the very same impulse as the one that started it all. The first impulse of inspiration before all that is was imagined.

It can seem like a paradox. Spiritual teachers will tell you to surrender all your desires. To let go of attachments. To tame the ego gone wild.

Sure indeed. Become mindful. Do let go of your ego’s desire for something else INSTEAD of what is right now. Where you feel as if you have failed in the creation of what you want. The desire for things to be a very particular way. Do let go of attachments. Of the attachment of expecting your desires to fulfill in an exact way.

It’s kind of like, before you started your spiritual journey, perhaps your ego desired a new paradigm, today. Right now. Like perhaps the life you were living today was NOT it. You had desires for a different life. More money, more love, more adventure, more courage, more self-confidence.

On the other side of ego, is your Soul. That place of self-love that is in alignment with your authentic desires for your life. When we take a look at your soul’s desires for your life, we can see your life-lessons. Where the ego wanted to vaporize the life-lessons and just get to the prize, and your soul is more interested in WHO YOU WILL BECOME, as you master the lessons before you right now. It is who you become in the journey itself, that IS the prize. Not a physical object. For they cannot hold lasting fulfillment. But a strong and courageous heart CAN offer an entire lifetime of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Once you have taught your ego to shut up and follow your heart and soul, THEN your desires ARE the Divine desires for your life. Divinity will not reach over your shoulder to make your life what it wants. It will be THROUGH you … as YOU, Pure Authentic You, that the desires of the Divine will manifest in your life.

The original desire of Divine Goddess was for You to embody the creator. For You to desire the fulfillment of THIS chapter of all-of-time. You are the face of the Divine. It is God(dess)’s good pleasure to give You the kingdom. Of all your authentic desires fulfilled. That is how important You are in this moment of eternity. Drink from the cup. Thrust in your sickle. For you are here for just that!

Love You!



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