Expressing Your Creativity

Expanding the portal of your Soul

So often we can live in our heads. Mentally processing our entire day. But there is a way we can step aside and let our Soul come through us. A kind of expression where there is no thought. The brain is just observing. A place where we slip into an effortless expression of our Soul.

When we do this, we are creating at a much more authentic level. Our Soul conspires for our happiness. Where we feel so wonder-full. It comes through expressing the desires of our Soul … in real-time.

By default, our minds are most likely to repeat yesterday. Not completely, but for the most part, we change very little day to day. Our expectations for our life don’t change that much. When we live in our minds, we stay in the outer world. Our attention is focused on the people and situations that lie before us.

Our Soul will not enter fear. Nor will it worry about tomorrow. Our Soul trusts the continuity of life. And our Soul has a vision for what our life can be. But, until we can get our ego to let go, we are very likely to repeat yesterday.

We would do well to introduce new ways of expressing ourselves. Expressions where we are not vested in the outcome. I am not talking about painting a picture to hang in an art gallery. But rather, ways of expressing where there is no consequence. Painting a picture with the leftover mustard on our dinner plate. Blowing the biggest bubbles we can in the bathtub. There is a surrender when we get out of our minds and just allow …

Ecstatic Dance is an excellent way to let go. A way to get out of our minds. A surrender of sorts. Music that makes us want to dance our asses off. To move the body in unpredictable ways. To get out of our heads and just go with the flow.

Our Souls are multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves. Non-linear consciousness. Our Soul has a vast vision of what is possible in THIS moment. Our Soul can see so many ways our days COULD go. But until we can open up to the impulse of the moment, we tend to stay in the rut of our mind. Our ego will take the long road to ascension.

Creativity, for creativity sake, is a great way to open ourselves up to an accelerated path of ascension. Where new possibilities are embraced in an everyday sort of way. Where the ego feels such joy at the feelings of creative expressions all through our day.

You are the Divine creator incarnate … Create!

Love You!



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