What ARE you looking for?

… to get clear about what you REALLY want.

What is it that you want? Do you feel like there is a “better” place/feeling/condition/relationship for you?

There is such a busy world “out there.” So many things that compete for our attention. Our egos can get in a mode, where we are just looking for the better feeling … and soon. I notice it at the grocery store. When folks hurry over to the checkout station that just opened up. There is this underlying feeling that hurry is going to get us where we “really” want to be. You can see it in traffic too. Perhaps any time we are in a situation where we are waiting in some form of line.

… take a break. Just stand down and relax. Take three long deep breaths … and relax.

There is an ocean of peace within you now. There is an eternal “portal” of sorts. That place where the energy of your soul enters your awareness. The consciousness of your soul. It is the fuel that runs the whole persona. And here is the kicker, your ego can’t do anything about it. In other words, the continuity of your soul is assured. You are safe right here. Right now. You will always be safe. Forever.

There are literally thousands of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) where people have “died” and watched the scene of their body. Perhaps on an operating room table. Or at the scene of a traffic accident. And then re-enter their body. Usually with a very different perspective towards life. A much deeper feeling of comfort and peace. The perspective they had of their life changed, and they are content in the moment.

Is there better happiness … over there? Is there something missing right here where I stand? Could I feel perfect, whole and complete anywhere I am? Could I feel the eternal presence of my soul, in each and every moment? Could I feel safe no matter what I read on the news?

If you can fill your cup, from within, you will get a glimpse of freedom. True freedom. But if you base your satisfaction with life on the condition(s) of your life, it will never be able to provide you with lasting fulfillment. If I feel good, or not, is something that is happening within me. It is an inside job.

Certainly, the elements of our life outside of us can bring a deep feeling of gratitude and fulfillment. But everything outside of us, is but a season in our life. Everything outside of us comes into our life, and will, eventually, have an ending. To enjoy the journey is to anchor how we feel with the timeless elements of ourselves. You are whole right now. There is nothing … out there … that can make you more complete than you are right now. To take the time to get (more) comfortable in your own skin, can give you a resiliency to the ebb and flow of life. And help you relax today. To feel whole right now. To feel that you are in the best seat in the house. This body of yours will be where you live ALL of your life from. It is a 24/7 thing. To take the time to make yourself … at home, can bring a deeper sense of peace and belonging today.

Happiness has no conditions of its own. The more conditions you put on your happiness … the less of it you have.

Love You!



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