Riding the Escalator to Nirvana

Everything you seek … is within you now

There is a shift that happens. That can change everything about how you live your life. On one hand, we can live in our heads. Where our ego is driving the boat. This is an extremely common modality. I have certainly spent many years there. But there is another way to live. One that changes everything. And that is living from the inside out. Where you tune in to the inspiration of your heart and soul.

There is a curious thing that happens. At first, it doesn’t seem like much. I feel that the reason it doesn’t really “satisfy” the ego so much, is that we are barely making ourselves available. Where our ego isn’t really fully committed to the inspirations. But rather, has an attitude of .. we could try it once.

The vision of what our life could be, is but a stepping stone. A proverbial carrot, that our soul dangles in front of our ego, saying … come on … trust yourself just a little bit.

It is impossible for your ego to understand the power of your soul. Or really, the power of You.

Your soul is a multi-dimensional BEing that can see so many narratives of what can be. In other words, your soul has the ability to see and understand a whole collage of possibilities for your life. But the one thing I find very curious, is how the ego has final say in what actually happens. That is, until, the ego starts ignoring the soul’s inspiration, and chooses to stay centered in itself. That is when the soul gets the proverbial cosmic two-by-four out, and clocks you upside the head. To get your attention.

Perhaps the real prize in all of this, so to speak, is just the opposite. Where the ego surrenders the say in what happens and commits to the wisdom of the heart and soul. This, typically, doesn’t happen overnight. Our egos tend to not let go so easily. If our ego is very concerned about what other people “might think,” it will choose not to venture out into the realm of the heart and soul. It will play it safe, so to speak. We have to give our soul an untethered ego. An ego that has “done the work.” There is a real freedom in letting go. I guess you could say, you really don’t know what freedom is, until you set yourself free. Free from the judgment of others. Freedom from judgment of yourself. Your ego really doesn’t know much of anything about freedom, unless it has learned to let go.

There is a synchronicity that happens when you start to follow your heart and soul. Your soul “goes out” and prepares the path. Your soul lines up opportunities that actually accelerate how quickly things manifest in your life. You start to notice how you start attracting things in perfect time. Something that the ego just can’t pull off.

There is another element to this. Ka Ka Ka Karma.

When your inspiration has you doing things you have never considered before, you will bump up against your subconscious programming. And your subconscious emotional stigmas. And this is truly a gift. You can’t heal, what you can’t feel. Part of the reason why our egos get stuck, is that we have made it a habit to always avoid anything that is coming up from our subconscious programming. In fact, those very habits of avoiding the uncomfortable are actually increasing our subconscious karmic stigmas. You could say that this is (one of) the most crucial lessons to learn in fulfilling our life purpose. But once you have learned to embrace and heal the subconscious stigmas, you have changed the direction of your life. Instead of taking the stairs down into (more) hell (karma), you find yourself riding the escalator up into Nirvana. When you have learned how to let your heart and soul guide you, the pathway to Nirvana becomes your journey itself.

Who is driving Your life?

Love You!



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