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Christ Consciousness

To celebrate the Christ within Merry Christmas to You! The Christmas holiday is such a favorite holiday to so many of us … when we all can reunite with family and friends and share this special time together. Christmas has been the celebration of the birth of

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Riding the Wave

Expressing the waves of Joy, Love and Happiness Your own journey through life is counted day by day. Just like this day is counted, right here, right now. When will you find your Happiness? Where will you find your Joy, and the ocean of Love within you

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Rounding the Bend

Leaving fear behind you Peace can be found in every aspect of life. There is a place of knowing that affords a sense of peace within your own sense of self, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. For many of us, we were born

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The Happy Gene

True happiness comes from within We all have the happiness gene. All of what we feel comes from within us. And happiness is no different. Feelings are an inside job. Yet happiness can seem elusive. So many people are not very happy with their lives. And yet others

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Happy Thanksgiving from New Human Living

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from New Human Living Does it seem like time is moving faster these days? I wanted to take a moment and thank you! I very much appreciate your part in this journey we call life. We are all very powerful souls who

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Are You laughing Yet?

Seeing from your Soul’s perspective It can feel odd to laugh at life sometimes. I mean, this is serious … right? When we have been trying to bring change into our life, it can seem like nothing is working. Perhaps we even have thoughts of “what’s the use?” But our

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As You Wish

Creating as you are inspired to You are the thing itself. The creative process of our human nature happens through the human experience. Exactly like your experience. The creative process IS happening in you. All of our human history is about people just like you. Every story about

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Walking in step with your Soul We have all had moments when the timing of things just seems to be perfect. Like when we meet the person we were just thinking of … by “accident.” There is a curious thing about how things manifest in our lives.

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Today is the Day

Master the Art of Living in This Day Here we are, living yet another day. Are you feeling satisfied with your life? Do you feel love in your life? Or are you perhaps waiting for something to happen or change? It will only be during today, this

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Love Actually

Love is for your enjoyment For many of us, we can remember a time in our life when our heart has been broken. Perhaps this involved a painful chapter (or chapters) when the act of loving someone had brought us a very deep painful experience. And those

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