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Don’t Let Go

Harvesting the fruits of our efforts We, the people, have reached a curious crossroad. On one end we are collectively emerging from eons of human struggle. So much struggle, suffering, domination and control. And yet on the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals who are

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Be Still and Flow

Knowing who you really are Be still. Yet flow. When we consider ourselves as a soul living in this human body, there are some serious benefits from truly knowing who we really are. A soul is beyond any mortal concern. What I mean by that is your

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Awaken the Light Within You

Arriving into the knowing We are the Light. Period. In a sense, it is that simple. Yet as our egos go looking for this truth, we tend to focus on the storyline that is happening outside of us. The Light comes from within us. We all still

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Wrap A Big Vision Around it

What is Your Life Purpose? Honoring your power and your purpose. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your life purpose? What plans have you laid for its fulfillment? Don’t tell me, tellyou. You have so much potential inside of you now. I remember the

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No Attachments Required

You were born with it There is happiness present within you now. You are enlightened now. You are a precious Soul right now … no matter your condition or past. These are inherent attributes that all of us possess. We can lose track of who we think

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Honoring Your Potential

You always have more to discover about yourself There are not very many people who are exceptional examples of what human beings can accomplish. If you think about it, if our academic arena were able to effectively tap the power of an individual, there should be legions

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Peace Love Joy

What’s in your¬†heart? We have gone to the very edge of darkness. And now we are on the journey back home. The return to Love. What will we feel when we re-discover this Love? To the ego it feels like joy and ecstatic delight. Tears flowing down

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You Belong Here

Where are you going? What are you looking for? You have arrived. You are perfect, whole and complete now. There is nothing to gain to “improve” your worth. Your Divinity is absolute. Without you, the universe would not be whole. Your existence is the evidence of your

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Embracing Your Truth

Casting your vote for the future When we consider the truth of who we really are, we come to a point of personal empowerment. When we reach that point of self-love, then we do not want to participate in anything that doesn’t honor ourselves. When we are

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2016 Happy New Year

Fulfilling the vision of our Heart and Soul Truth is. It always has been. Long before language or religion, the truth existed by its very nature. The truth is beyond language. It is beyond what our minds and egos can comprehend. It is impossible to language the

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