Walk This Way … the Road to Paradise

Where are You headed?

What if you get everything you want? All of it. Poof … done.

Then what?

Perhaps a question might be … “who” is doing the wanting?

If the “who” that is doing this “wanting” is your ego, and it is trying to fill a void with-IN your BEing, then the wanting would never end. The wanting of more from “out there.” More distractions, from the desire to mask the feeling of emptiness. The feeling of separation. The feeling of “wanting” to feel more ful-FILLED. There are millions of people who are doing just that. Looking for the next distraction. This can be the realm of addictions. Where perhaps the masking is of unresolved pain within their psyche. In general, these types of karmic stigmas have the vast majority of attention focused on external events and experiences.

Of course, this is not a slam on external events and experiences. Yes to birthday parties, traveling to exotic places, chocolate ice cream, and riding the rollercoaster at the theme park. I mean, we chose to incarnate for the experience(s).

But there are a lot of dysfunctional desires within our culture. Where we are looking outside ourselves to fill us with that feel-good experience. “I love my fiance … they make me feel happy.” Yet, our feelings are an inside job. Nobody can make you feel any particular way. If you put your happiness on anyone, where they are responsible to keep you happy, you are automatically putting the responsibility for your sadness on them too. An impossible task. As all of your feelings arise from within you.

Enter your spiritual journey …

When we awaken to a deep desire within us to grow our spiritual self, we will bump up against our shadow, or you might call it our karma.

Love and Light Baby! That is the path for me!

I am going to plaster a smile on my face, and live in eternal happiness! Cool! I am going to train my brain to only feel happy thoughts. Then I will live in the promised land.

What am I getting at here?

I was an easygoing guy. I never got mad. Well, almost never. Maybe once or twice a year. Lighthearted and happy most of the time. And yet, I had an elephant in the room. I was on the road to disaster. My body was taking on more and more dis-ease. I was starting to get ulcers. I had digestive tract issues that were getting worse and worse. But, hey … I was feeling “happy and easygoing.” Fun to be around. And quite dysfunctional. My health would have continued to get worse and worse. But I lucked out. I ended up on a shrink’s couch and I finally brought my attention to the pent-up feelings of anger within me. As I have shared many times, so much energy left my body. So much pent-up anger came flowing out of my psyche that day. The anger I had been avoiding since my childhood, subconsciously avoiding, came pouring out of me. It changed my life forever. As I searched my psyche, I found that I had a lot of forgiving of myself and others to do. A lot of holding compassion for myself and for others.

That was over 25 years ago. It started me looking. Looking within me, for what else there might be within me that I was avoiding. What feelings was I avoiding? And by avoiding, I really mean accumulating karmic energy within my subconscious. And I found a lot. I went looking for the unpleasant feelings. Any and all of them. What I found was a whole collage of emotions that I had a dysfunctional relationship with. The more I cleared out, the higher my vibration became. The higher my consciousness became. And then I found “it.” The LIGHT at the core of my BEing. Wow! I felt fulfilled. I felt whole and complete. Lacking nothing just as I was. When I was in that LIGHT, I wanted for nothing. I had no requirements from anything or anyone outside of me. The LIGHT was really Love itself.

Now, what I want, from my Soul level, is to be a conduit of that Love. My Soul wants to be of service for others. My heart wants opportunities to be a vessel of this field of Love within me. To hold a space of Love for humanity. My ego doesn’t really have any dominion here. Not in the sense of steering or controlling this Love. It rather prefers to stay out of the way and just feel the feeling of Love.

There is a freedom that the Love within ourselves can give us. When we fill our cup from within, we are not looking for others to fulfill ourselves. When we show up in our relationship(s) with our cup full, then a whole new level of relating happens. Love loving Love, really.

The Road to Paradise is the road to the core of your BEing. The Promised Land is the infinite field of Love awaiting your re-discovery of it.

Love You!



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