looking within for fulfillment


Walk This Way … the Road to Paradise Where are You headed? What if you get everything you want? All of it. Poof … done. Then what? Perhaps a question might be … “who” is doing the wanting? If the “who” that is doing this “wanting” is your ego, and it is trying to fill a void with-IN your BEing, then the wanting would never end. The wanting of more from “out there.” More distractions, from the desire to mask the feeling of emptiness. The feeling of separation. The feeling of “wanting” to feel more ful-FILLED. There are millions of people who are doing just that. Looking for the next distraction. This can be the realm of addictions. Where perhaps the masking is of unresolved pain within their psyche. In general, these types of karmic stigmas have the vast majority of attention focused on external events and experiences. Of course,…