Karma has a Cadence. What is your Karma’s Cadence?

What is the Cadence of your Karma?

Cadence of Karma? What?

There are several ways this could be taken. How fast/slow we take on karma. How fast/slow we can make changes in our life. And if a tortoise and karma were in a race … ;- )

What we will be noodling in this blog is the second one. How fast/slow we can make changes in our lives. I guess you could also think of it as how “attached” you are with the archetypes you are playing out in your life. Perhaps you have been playing out the “victim” archetype. And now you are tired of it. OK, well, change it. Or rather, change YOU. Ready … set … GO! (Here is where the cadence of your karma comes in.)

How quickly or slowly can you make changes to your life? Significant changes in arenas where you have demonstrated karmic tendencies for decades … demonstrated karmic tendencies for decades. Decades.

When we load up our subconscious with karmic imprinting, we slow down our ability to change ourselves. To change our experiences. Our cadence (to make lasting changes) has been slowed down by our own personal karma.

A war vet is panhandling at the street corner. His psyche has been topped off with karma. Loaded to the top. Unable to play out any real narratives, outside of just barely existing. No cadence.

A woman, four-times divorced, and always because her husband(s) have cheated on her. Her own personal karmic momentum.

The winner of the lottery, just a few years back, is back to being broke. Karma strikes again.

These are just a few examples of the cadence of karma. How long would it take these metaphorical examples, to actually change their karma? Ready … set … GO! Karma has a cadence to it. Or perhaps, karma limits our own cadence … for change.

I like simple descriptions. What is karma? Any thing, from our past, that is influencing us … in the present.

Another way to look at it is, our karma is our own consciousness, that we have stockpiled up in our subconscious. The energetic momentum, moment to moment, of unresolved conscious stigmas stored in our subconscious. Our karma is the energetic momentum that the quantum field reflects back to us, and we experience that reflection as a repetitive “narrative” or “tendency” in our lives.

I could go on here, but I am feeling the value of recognizing that our karmic cadence, or momentum, is a powerful perspective in and of itself.

If you were to sit down and write out your five biggest karmic tendencies, what would they be? What are the top ones you would want to change? Did your parents demonstrate these same tendencies? If not, when did they show up in your life?

What’s in Your Karma?

Love You!



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