unresolved conscious stigmas


Karma has a Cadence. What is your Karma’s Cadence? What is the Cadence of your Karma? Cadence of Karma? What? There are several ways this could be taken. How fast/slow we take on karma. How fast/slow we can make changes in our life. And if a tortoise and karma were in a race … ;- ) What we will be noodling in this blog is the second one. How fast/slow we can make changes in our lives. I guess you could also think of it as how “attached” you are with the archetypes you are playing out in your life. Perhaps you have been playing out the “victim” archetype. And now you are tired of it. OK, well, change it. Or rather, change YOU. Ready … set … GO! (Here is where the cadence of your karma comes in.) How quickly or slowly can you make changes to your life?…